Around the Scene: September 3, 2009

Before Around the Scene goes all New York on you, we’re hearing rumors that the multi-level pool lounge initially offered to one of Vegas’ most successful operators has been yanked by an irate casino owner and offered to another operator instead. If it’s true, it could be a developing story as reports of a widening chasm between the partners has picked up steam over the last few weeks.

Vegas' Rain Nightclub hosted a tribute to its resident DJ, DJ AM, last Friday, after AM (real name: Adam Goldstein) was found dead in his Manhattan apartment. DJ AM was set to perform at Rain that night for his regular AM Fridays. Patrons left flowers and personal tokens at an entrance table and a photo montage played at midnight, while staff members wore DJ AM T-shirts and Greg Lopez and DJ R.O.B. (Robert Hathcock) took the stage, according to a statement from the venue. For the full story, click here.

A Big Apple real estate blog is touting that the city is developing a more active nightlife scene in recent months in part because of the lower commercial rents available to nightlife entrepreneurs. The Real Deal noted that The Gates in Chelsea and the Jane Ballroom and Double Seven Lounge in the neighboring Meatpacking district were made possible because of favorable lease agreements that wouldn’t have existed a year ago.

Former New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress, who is set to spend two years in jail for an accidental shooting that took place in the Big Apple’s Latin Quarter nightclub, isn’t going quietly. During an interview with ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap, the beleaguered former all-pro said he was patted down by Latin Quarter security who found the weapon but waved him through the metal detector and allowed him to carry it into the club. “It wasn't like I was trying to hide it,'' Burress said. “I go into this place and go through the security — they know I have it and they pat me down and they said 'OK,' and they let me in with it.''

Il Passetto, the former secret passage that connected the Vatican to Castel Sant’Angelo was open to the public for the summer (just closing at the end of August), and a recent article in The New York Times likened the castle area to a nightlife hotspot. The narrow cobbled walkway of Il Passetto is only the beginning of the nighttime venue, as the castle also houses a live cabaret, musical performances and a restaurant. Tickets can be booked online at a cost of 13 euros (about $18).

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