Asked & Aswered: Amber Mac and the Digital World

Amber MacEntrepreneur, bestselling author, well-known blogger, keynote speaker, and TV host, Amber Mac started her career during the dot-com boom in San Francisco and has since been at the forefront of reporting on and participating in digital innovation. Her presentation at the up-coming VIBE conference will point out do's and don’ts of the digital marketing world for operators. In advance, we chatted.

VIBE: "Adapt quickly, be responsive and create value" - these are your ABC's of digital marketing - let's take them briefly one by one. How does an organization learn how to adapt quickly to the digital world?

Amber Mac: In order to adapt to the digital world, it's important to immerse yourself in the culture of online marketing. When I talk about the ABCs, I'm talking about this immersion as part of how to Adapt Quickly to what's new and now. We've also entered into a world of real-time social media, which means it's important to Be Responsive. Finally, great content marketing will help you to create value for your customers or clients.


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VIBE: Being responsive when you have perhaps thousands of "fans" or "friends" can be an enormous task - how does a company prioritize?

Mac: If you can't keep up with the online demand from your fans or friends, consider launching Twitter hours, for example. The importance of this is to set expectations, so your audience knows when to expect a response (will it be within one hour or one day?).

VIBE: Creating value is extremely important in today's competitive landscape - what one thing would you advise large organizations to rethink in this area?

Mac: I think large organizations should think about developing a strategic content marketing plan. Depending on the organization, this might be educational content that comes in a variety of forms. More than anything, being competitive in this space means rethinking your promotional content - reframing your message to actually help instead of simply promote.

VIBE: Some companies are more nimble than others - for those late to the digital game, what do you advise as the first steps?

Mac: The first step is to set some firm goals. Decide what you want to achieve and then figure out your strategic plan to get there. Do not jump in without a plan in place. After all, one of the best things about the digital game is that we can measure everything - so ideally we want to see ongoing progress as you stick to your plan.

VIBE: Is there such a thing as embracing too much digital marketing?

Mac: Yes, I think companies can overwhelm customers and clients with too much digital marketing. If you're constantly shouting from online platforms, it can get annoying. However, after spending a decade in this world, I rarely see this occurring (in terms of too much digital marketing). I would say that the opposite is more of a problem, companies that don't leverage these platforms enough.

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