Averna Announces A New Bottle Design and Label

January 6, 2011, NEW YORK, NY — Averna, Italy’s favorite Amaro, announces today a new bottle design that includes a refreshed label and new bottle shape. The new bottle design has already been met with great success in Italy and will reach American stores and restaurants in the beginning of 2011. Averna last updated their bottle over 20 years ago. With new market demands and an increasing number of young consumers now enjoying Averna, the time was right to update the look and feel. The new bottle is taller and slimmer with a more contemporary take on the traditional label, which when combined evoke a more  premium look and feel.

“We have always been proud of the history of the Averna brand but we recognize that evolution is critical to continued success. We’re excited to introduce this new packaging that reflects a new era Averna Amaro,” stated Luisa Averna, (Director of Communications at Averna). The centuries old, all-natural recipe remains a closely guarded secret and has not been changed in over 140 years. The refreshed packaging is part of a larger campaign to reinvigorate the consumption of Averna Amaro neat. “While Averna has recently enjoyed a spike in popularity because of its versatility in cocktails, more and more consumers are discovering the joy of drinking it neat. As American’s palates continue to become more sophisticated, I’m certain this trend will continue to grow,” added Paolo Domeneghetti, President of Domaine Select Wine Estates, Averna’s US importer.

Averna has been cultivating the next generation of Amaro enthusiasts by capturing their interest in unique, high quality spirits. Cocktail lovers have found that if they enjoy Averna Amaro in a cocktail, they also tend to enjoy it neat as well; the care and passion that went into the bottle is that much more evident in sipping it neat. Longtime Averna fans also need not worry. Averna Amaro’s traditional character and distinct flavor profile that has distinguished it for years remains the same, even as it changes into a more contemporary presentation.


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