Bacardi Limited to Revive, Restore, & Renovate Communities

Bacardi Limited EmployeesBuilding on a proud and dynamic history of philanthropic and social engagement, Bacardi Limited celebrated its spirit of social consciousness through a month-long series of employee volunteer projects in communities around the world. The wide array of projects highlighted the Bacardi commitment to support stronger, healthier, more vibrant and environmentally sustainable communities.

Through its “Spirit for Life, Caring Together” corporate responsibility program, Bacardi highlights the uplifting and hands-on work done by so many of its passionate employees. Bacardi employees donated blood, restored beach and coastal areas, raised money for food banks, renovated gardens for the elderly and poor, donated clothes and cleaned up parks and community centers. They also cared for homeless animals, planted trees and helped protect wildlife.

The overarching theme of the CR month focused on environmental sustainability. This theme reinforced the Company’s commitment to cut its use of natural resources and maximize reduction of its carbon footprint, waste and water usage. Over the past six years, Bacardi has reduced its water consumption globally by 50 percent and cut energy use by 33 percent.

Family-owned Bacardi also focused its efforts on supporting disadvantaged people who live in a diverse set of communities around the world and lack basic resources like food, water, shelter and clothing.

More than two-thirds of Bacardi employees worldwide participated in the initiative representing 41 offices and facilities in 35 countries. Employees volunteered nearly 9,500 hours as they engaged in 98 different activities.

“Spirit for Life, Caring Together” is a commitment from Bacardi to enable its global workforce to get involved in local activities and give back to their communities in a variety of ways. The program reinforces the Company’s purpose and values and demonstrates the Bacardi commitment to the environment and sustainable business practices, to the communities where it crafts and sells its products, and to the consumers who enjoy them.

“Bacardi is committed to giving back to the communities that have helped us grow for more than 150 years. It just gives you a great feeling to give back. And, frankly, it’s what Bacardi stands for,” says Ed Shirley, President and CEO of Bacardi Limited, the world’s largest privately held spirits company. “Social responsibility has been a foundation of Bacardi since even before we were established, when our founder volunteered to lead humanitarian aid efforts after an earthquake devastated his hometown of Santiago de Cuba in 1852. Community engagement and accountability are ingrained in all aspects of our work.”

Corporate social responsibility is at the core of Bacardi’s overall business approach throughout the calendar year. “Our employees believe strongly that we must continue to focus on both the sustainability of our business and the world we live in,” adds Eric Kraus, Senior Vice President, Chief Communications & Corporate Affairs Officer, who leads all Bacardi corporate social responsibility initiatives. “Our goal is to set the standard against which corporate responsibility efforts in the spirits industry are measured.”


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