Bar & Tavern Owners Celebrate Their Heritage and Independence in May

Bethesda, MD – For the 57th consecutive year, tavern & bar owners around the country are hoisting a glass this May to celebrate their rightful place in American society and culture.  May is Tavern Month all across the United States and recognizes the more than three hundred thousand on-premise beverage alcohol retailers who conveniently and responsibly provide good times and great memories to millions of Americans.

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“In many ways, bars and taverns are one of the last American outposts for spirited individuality, entrepreneurship and innovation,” said Harry Wiles, executive director of American Beverage Licensees.  “In our increasingly standardized culture, the bar and tavern business continues to be home to some true American originals.”
A sense of tradition of offering friends, neighbors and travelers from far-and-wide a refuge from the clutter of modern-day life has its roots in the earliest colonial times of the country.  Taverns continue to serve as meeting places for business, forums for discussion of the issues of the day, and settings for celebrations of life, just as they did hundreds of year ago. 
Taverns today come in all shapes and sizes.  Be it a neighborhood pub, quiet cocktail lounge, pulsating nightclub or just a good old-fashioned bar, these establishments share in common the same values of entertainment and hospitality.  Many are family-owned or independent operations that provide a sense of character and authenticity to a town or region.  It’s possible these days to drink the same kind of beer, wine or spirits pretty much anywhere, but it’s the setting that sets apart the experience and makes it memorable.
Despite an economy that has seen on-premise consumer habits shift, the bar and tavern business continues to adapt and embrace the ever-changing demands and preferences of American consumers.  Whether that means offering a free wireless internet connection so patrons can surf the web or check their email over a refreshing beverage, or renovating their businesses to accommodate smoking bans, the spirit of these small business owners is indefatigable.
Included in these adaptations has been an emphasis on responsibility.  This is evident in the increased use of server-training, age-verification techniques, and campaigns against drunk driving and underage access to alcohol.  Tavern owners have also embraced their civic roles and are united at the local, state and federal levels to protect their interests in arenas that include city councils, state legislatures and Congress.
Tavern Month has been celebrated each May by American Beverage Licensees, the largest national trade association dedicated to supporting and promoting beverage alcohol retail community, as well as its on-premise predecessor, the National Licensed Beverage Association.  ABL is joined by its state and local bar & tavern association affiliates this year in reminding everyone that May is Tavern Month…Let’s Celebrate!


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