Barmaid Drink Glass Rimmer Adds Fun & Flavorful Twist To Cocktails

It's a new gadget that is adding some spice to the cocktail world. The Barmaid Drink Glass Rimmer is a fun and functional product that makes it  easy to apply salt, sugar or spices on the rim of any glass. The Barmaid is ideal for use with margaritas, mojitos, martinis, Bloody Marys, coffee or
tea drinks and more.

Bar Maid

Simply wet the rim of the glass with a fruit slice and run the Barmaid around the rim. With the push of a button the Barmaid dispenses cocktail flavorings that stick to the glass. It allows full control of the amount of salt, sugar or spice that is added on the rim.

Not only does the Barmaid provide a flavorful pop to drinks, it also adds an interesting and attractive look to drinks and cocktails. Lime Tree Cove also offers an array of innovative drink recipes and a line of unique blends of sweet and savory spices and flavorings for drinks: gourmet, tangy
lime/lemon, spicy chili, sweet mint, chocolate, maple vanilla, gingerbread and more.

The Barmaid is reusable, easy to store and dishwasher safe.

The Barmaid sells for $29.95 and is available at:


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