Aims to Revolutionize Craft Beer Market

WASHINGTON, Aug. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- The day when craft beer enthusiasts can get the craft beer brands they want at the locations they want them may be very close at hand., a new website launched this week, aims to empower craft beer drinkers to centralize their beer demands online so that local retail establishments will know the beer brands their customers want to purchase.

This web tool will change how retail establishments choose beer brands and could dramatically increase craft beer market share. allows registered users to create an online petition for a specific beer brand to be carried at a particular retail establishment such as a bar, restaurant, or store. Members create profiles, add their signatures to petitions, and add comments to petition pages. Members also have the option to receive email alerts when new petitions are created for selected retail establishments.

" is a great resource for both general beer drinkers and purveyors of extreme craft brands," says Luke Livingston, social media expert and author of industry-leading "The general public is now able to collectively organize to convince distributors to bring wide-reaching beers such as Yuengling lager to a new state, while extreme craft drinkers can petition a specific retail shop or bar to experiment with a rare beer brand that is already available through a distributor."

"In addition to empowering purchasers, this simple tool will also help craft breweries, craft distributors, and retailers better understand the changing tastes and demands of their local consumers," said founder Brandon Turman. Bars can set up petitions for craft beer brands they are considering and have their patrons essentially vote for which brand should be carried - taking the guesswork out of purchasing decisions. In addition, the bar owner can then email patrons who signed the successful petition to come in and purchase the newly delivered beer brand. Connecting retailers to patrons will ultimately lead to more satisfied customers and increased sales for retailers.

Craft breweries can also benefit from the service by creating petitions for their beer brands at targeted retail establishments and promoting the petitions to their fan bases. "If a sales representative from a craft brewery can approach a retailer with a list of over 100 signatures for one of their beer brands, it establishes a visible source of demand and will provide a compelling competitive advantage," said Jonathon Lunardi, editor of

To help members and retailers get started, informational pages give step-by-step instructions for creating successful petitions and setting up email alerts. All tools are available completely free and revenue is planned with advertising and affiliate partnerships.

"For the site to be valuable, craft beer advocates must unite to create petitions for craft beer brands in retail establishments they frequently visit. We hope beer enthusiasts everywhere start a local petition today," Turman said.


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