Bierhaus NYC

Name of Bar: Bierhaus NYC
Location: New York City
Square Footage: 3,500
Capacity/Seats: 150
Open Date: March 10, 2011

“Erst mach' dein' Sach dann trink' und lach!” First take care of business, then drink and laugh! This German saying embodies the establishment that is Bierhaus NYC. Bierhaus NYC, which opened its doors earlier this year on March 10, 2011, is a Bavarian-style restaurant and bar located in the heart of New York City. The establishment has quickly become one of the most well-known beer houses in the area and takes pride in its authentic “Oktoberfest year round” atmosphere that attracts visitors from around the world.


Bierhaus NYC was opened by four men who have dedicated their livelihoods to creating bars and restaurants throughout New York City that are both successful and soulful. They all started as servers and bartenders so they know the importance of hard work and perseverance. Bierhaus NYC, their newest addition to the bar scene, truly captures the “beer house” concept and is a unique experience for all who visit.

The theme and décor of Bierhaus NYC help to make it an authentic replication of an actual beer house similar to its inspiration, Hofbräuhaus München in Germany. Bierhaus NYC is filled with long wooden tables that offer communal seating, a 50-foot balcony and a glass ceiling. Long wooden beams line the ceiling, as well as a large antiqued chandelier and tasteful use of ivy. Bierhaus NYC’s façade is just as unique as its interior as it boasts a large A frame that was modeled after a German chalet. Darkly stained woodwork surrounded by green ivy creates quite an eye-catching sight between the skyscrapers and office buildings of the city.

One of the most unique qualities of Bierhaus NYC is its service staff. All of the servers and bartenders dress in authentic dirndls and lederhosen that are hand picked in Germany by the owners. All of the staff must complete a training course that covers everything from correctly pronouncing and describing all of the food options on the menu to how to suggest to guests a beer that will best suit their tastes since the bar serves only German beer. Also, because of the communal dining experience that takes place at Bierhaus NYC, all servers and staff members are trained to handle extremely large parties with ease and to interact with guests in a fun and playful manner that adds to the authentic beer house experience.
Bierhaus NYC is unique in that it features the most famous and beloved German beer in the word: Hofbräu. The full-service bar offers 24 taps and six varieties of Hofbräu beer that change with the season to keep guests coming back for more. Because some guests are unfamiliar with the beer selection when they first visit Bierhaus NYC, the bartenders and servers all go through an in depth training session in which they taste each of the beers with various food combinations. They also are able to describe each beer in a way that relates the taste and body to other beers with which guests might be more familiar.

Bierhaus NYC’s menu, or “Speisekarte,” was inspired by old German drawings and type. The menu has plenty of character with a plethora of food options from soft pretzels imported from Bavaria to slow roasted pork shank served with sauerkraut. The menu also describes each of the wurst in detail as well as the beers that are offered to further ensure that guests know exactly what they are ordering.

As a bar that many guests go to for an experience unlike any other in New York City, the patron most definitely gets what they pay for. Almost every night Bierhaus NYC features live entertainment during the evenings for which guests are not charged cover. Throughout the week there are also several competitions and events that take place to enhance the patron’s experience, all of which are free of charge. For example, each week, Bierhaus NYC holds Masskrugstemmen competitions (the holding of a liter stein of beer) in which all guests are encouraged to participate. These competitions, along with live music every night as well as the attention to cleanliness and hospitality of the service staff, adds to the overall experience and helps to ensure that guests leave happy and satisfied.

Although Bierhaus NYC just opened its doors this past March, it has already become a hot spot in midtown. The success of the bar can be measured both in sales growth and by its overwhelming popularity on social media sites. In less than nine months, Bierhaus NYC has accrued 3,739 fans on Facebook and 4,604  “check-ins” on Foursquare. Bierhaus NYC also projects a sales growth of about 3% per quarter.

At Bierhaus NYC, the owners, service staff and kitchen staff are all dedicated to creating a truly authentic experience for every guest. The establishment embodies the German saying, “Erst mach' dein' Sach dann trink' und lach!” because although Bierhaus NYC knows the importance of taking care of business and creating a bar that genuinely satisfies its customers, it also understands the importance of enjoying oneself and not taking life too seriously. When an individual choses to spend time out of his or her day to have a drink at Bierhaus NYC, anything and everything will be done to ensure that that person has a good time.

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