The Bites (April/May 2011)

Phillips Everyday Crab Cakes

Phillips Everday Crab Cakes
Phillips Foods Inc. offers frozen Everyday Crab Cakes, which can be baked or fried. Produced in Baltimore, the 3-ounce crab cakes feature flaky white body meat and flavorful claw meat in a mixture of mayonnaise, Worcestershire sauce and breadcrumbs with a hint of mustard.

PUB Steak Burgers

PUB Steak Burger
AdvancePierre Foods announces easy-to-prepare flame-broiled and charmarked PUB Steak Burgers. The fully cooked burgers are made with 85% lean beef and seasoned with salt, dextrose and natural flavors. With zero grams of trans fat, the burgers feature a reduced sodium content and calorie count. The burgers can be prepared on a flat grill or in a conventional oven, convection oven or microwave.

Bacon-Wrapped Seafood

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp
Tampa Maid Foods Inc. launches its premium seafood hand-wrapped in crisp bacon, including Bacon Wrapped Scallops, Bacon Wrapped Shrimp with Brown Sugar Glaze and tail-on butterflied Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Shrimp filled with Asiago cheese and a jalapeño medallion. Ready in minutes, the seafood works as an appetizer or as an entrée.

Tabasco brand Buffalo Style Hot Sauce


McIlhenny Co. introduces Tabasco brand Buffalo Style Hot Sauce to its line of pepper-sauce flavors. The hot sauce is made with all-natural ingredients, including red cayenne pepper, salt, water, distilled vinegar and garlic, and it can be served on pizza, sandwiches, hamburgers, barbecued foods and other meats. The hot sauce comes in 5-ounce bottles and ranges between 300 and 900 Scoville heat units.

Lamb Weston Onion Rings

Lamb Weston Onion Rings
Lamb Weston, a brand of ConAgra Foods Inc., introduces its Tavern Traditions Beer Battered Onion Rings and Beer Battered Mozzarella Sticks made with handcrafted bock beer. The crispy, golden rings feature Spanish onions, and the mozzarella sticks are par-fried to lock in flavor and crispiness. The items can be served as appetizers, snacks or side dishes with dips.

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