New mobile app, About Last Night, will chronicle mischief and triumphs after dark (and of course, offer deals)


Two brothers from New Hampshire are in New York today to introduce their new startup, About Last Night, at the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference. Darren and Derek Dodge are notable entrepreneurs both because Darren spent a year-and-a-half working in new media for the Ashton Kutcher empire — and because their father is a high-profile Google executive, Don Dodge.

Their iPhone app, developed in collaboration with Cambridge-based Mobinett Interactive, is "a social network especially for nightlife," says Darren (he's on the right in the photo). "It's about the party last night, the concert, or the date. It's very photo-centric, and you can follow people or locations like a bar or nightclub." The app is intended to help guide users to where the best action is on a given evening — venues and events can be rated by users of the app — or show them what mischief their friends were up to the night before. (Yes, you can keep certain things private so that only you can see them.)

Businesses can use the app to send out special offers to the people who follow them, such as two-for-one appetizers. And the most active users of the app can earn bronze, silver, and gold medals, which make them more visible to other users of the app.

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