Boutique Spirits Highlight Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show

The upcoming 2012 Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show, to be held March 12-14 in Las Vegas, will feature a number of superior Show logoboutique spirit brands in the Emerging and Boutique Brands Pavilion on the show floor. Nightclub & Bar once again has partnered with the Cooking Channel’s “HotMixology” show and host Dave Elger to bring the pavilion to Las Vegas. The pavilion presents an invaluable opportunity to sample more than 50 of the world’s finest spirits — all for the price of admission. Some of the entrants include:

Germain Robin — Located in Ukiah, Calif., Germain Robin is among the preeminent producers of brandy in the world. While the company makes its brandies using the same techniques as those used in Cognac, the principal point of distinction is that the brandies are distilled from the finest Californian grape varietals available. Few American spirit brands have garnered Germain Robin’s critical acclaim. The parent company — Craft Distillers — also imports Mezcalero Mezcal, Maison Surrenne Cognac and Fluid Dynamics, a newly released line of premium, barrel-aged cocktails.

Rum Chata Cream Liqueur — This extraordinarily delicious product is skillfully crafted with a base of five-times-distilled premium rum imported from the Caribbean and the same all-natural products used to make traditional horchata, namely real dairy cream, rice, vanilla and cinnamon. Although intended to be used in a cocktail or mixed drink, Rum Chata also tastes marvelous wearing nothing but a slight chill.

Muchote Reposado Tequila — While you’re at it, be sure to sample Muchote Reposado Tequila, an artisanal crafted spirit that seems to be on every pundit’s roster of great tequilas retailing under $30. Muchote is made at a small family owned distillery in Arandas. Its high altitude agaves are distilled in a copper-pot still before being aged seven months in used Jack Daniel’s barrels. The essential beauty of Muchote Tequila is in stark contrast to its simple packaging.


For more on how boutique spirits are distilled and processed, check out Robert Plotkin’s article, “Boutique Spirits: When Smaller is Better.”

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