Brooklyn's Sandbox Expands to Provide Party and Packing Needs in One Place

Still need more proof on nightlife’s continued integration into everyday society? Look no further than the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, N.Y., where a business owner is taking a novel approach to expand his base business and capture a nocturnal crowd. Sandbox, a packing and shipping company operating in New York, announced it is expanding its services to offer live DJ performances, film screenings and video consoles.

According to Sandbox owner Omar Donaldson, he saw the growing nightlife traffic in the area and wanted to be a part of it. “I want people around to feel comfortable so that they can rely on us to handle anything from shipping to copy jobs to office supplies, as well as be an alternative, to kick back and relax, to the bar scene,” Donaldson told the Courier Life publication. “A place just to be yourself.”

Donaldson transformed his 1,000-square-foot basement to include half a dozen LCD televisions, Xbox and Wii gaming consoles, a 160-inch television and sound equipment to accommodate live DJ sets. Last week he started doing foreign film screenings and will focus on independent films from Brooklyn-based filmmakers toward the end of the month. He also said Saturday nights will feature live DJ sets to go alongside video game night.

Admittedly, this isn’t traditional nightlife — there are no VIP tables or bottle service and there is no age restriction. But it is certainly interesting seeing nightlife-inherent elements crossing over into the most unlikely of places.

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