Buffalo Trace Distillery Releases Eleventh Round of Single Oak Project Bourbon

Buffalo Trace DistilleryBuffalo Trace Distillery releases the eleventh round of the Single Oak Project Bourbon which focuses on recipe differences, with variances between wheat and rye recipes, and also warehouse type – concrete floor warehouse or wooden floor warehouse.

The wood grain size also varies in this release between coarse, average, or tight, leaving other variables in this experiment constant – char level, tree cut, stave seasoning and entry proof.

Warehouses play a vital part in the aging process of bourbon, and by using two different warehouse types in the Single Oak Project, Warehouse K, a brick warehouse with wooden floors, and Warehouse L, also a brick warehouse but with concrete floors, the differences between the two warehouses can really be examined in this eleventh release.

Warehouse K has nine floors, all wooden, and is considered a good warehouse for different ages of bourbons. It has good air flow, with the first floor being cool and damp for slow aging, and the top floors being hot and dry, which ages young barrels more quickly. “We like Warehouse K because it gives us a lot of variety,” said Harlen Wheatley, master distiller. “We know based on experience and the anticipated use of the bourbon where to best store each brand in this warehouse.”

By contrast, Warehouse L has five floors which are all concrete and is considered by some at Buffalo Trace to be the best all-around aging warehouse. The windows on the west side of the building bring a consistent air flow. With its slow temperature changes, Warehouse L is great for slow aging wheat bourbons. Its concrete walls and floors create a very concentrated aging environment. “Warehouse L is one of our best warehouses,” continued Wheatley. “We dedicated L to our Warehouse Operations Manager Leonard Riddle who has served us in the operations department for 49 years (and counting!) and knows a thing or two about aging good bourbon.”

Consumers still continue to log into www.singleoakproject.com to review and score multiple bottles, with more than 3,000 reviews so far. Buffalo Trace Distillery encourages more people to get involved, as there are still 60 more bottles to be released and reviewed before this project ends in 2015!



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