Can Jack's Ale House Make It Through Another Renovation?

Jack's Ale House

In 2003, two firefighter brothers from Sunnyside, NY, Brian and Jimmy, inherited The Firewater Inn, their deceased father’s successful bar. The brothers decided to go through with renovations which were supposed to last six months with financing from older brother and retired firefighter, John. However, six months turned into a year and a half. By the time the bar opened as Jack’s Ale House, the market changed. Facing $400,000 in mounting debt, the brothers are only 6 months away from closing for good.

While it’s a decent looking bar, Jack’s Ale House, causes no reaction inside or out. The bartenders do not know how to make classic cocktails such as The Cosmo and the cook does not understand simple sanitation procedures. The bar is small and too tight to work effectively and there are absolutely no stations. There are no systems in place at Jack’s Ale House, which amplifies confusion. Jimmy, the middle brother, has an awful attitude towards everyone and the three brothers have animosity towards one another.

Jon Taffer brings in Russell Davis to train Jack’s employees behind the bar. He teaches them about basic techniques and how to create classic and specialty cocktails. Vic Vegas was also brought in to teach sanitation tactics and cooking practices.  The most significant occurrence throughout this entire rescue was Jimmy’s attitude change. The three brothers needed to ban together in order to commemorate their father properly and continue his legacy.

Taffer turned Jack’s Ale House into Jack’s Fire Department, dignifying that the father is the head of the bar. Taffer went into this renovation with the word ‘reactions’ in mind; he aimed to create excitement and implement accessories that will double as talking points for guests such as the urinal fire hose game and the fire truck placed behind the bar. Six weeks later, sales at Jack’s Fire Department have tripled. The brothers are working together and their families are stable. All is well at Jack’s.

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