Carlo Barone Opens Account Representation/Marketing Firm OneBar

Dallas, TX – With over 30 years of National Accounts sales experience, Carlo Barone announces the opening of OneBar, a new national account representation and marketing firm.

OneBar provides maximum exposure in leading American markets for brands from around the world. By leveraging ongoing relationships with key national account personnel, developing ontarget sales strategies, and producing response-generating promotional materials, OneBar becomes the “link to the chains” —a tagline that encompasses their goal.

“What makes this concept so exciting is our ability to bring new, little known brands to the attention of the national accounts brand managers,” said Barone. “The truth is, restaurants spend millions developing new food items, new menus and other promotions to attract customers to their restaurants, but the same products line the back of the bars. We think it’s time for a change.”

“There are 1,000 restaurant groups in America that own more than 5 restaurants. My desire is to represent these emerging brands by taking those products that possibly can’t afford a National Account salesperson and bring their voice to these groups and tell them a great story: You have a choice. These are phenomenal brands I represent. They deserve their place in front of a group of consumers that want change. There was a study done recently that stated that 88% of consumers between the ages of 21-35 are willing to try something new, if they consider the product to represent something they see as a value and unique. That’s what OneBar is all about. I’m lucky to have friends in this business that understand this position and are listening like they’ve never listened before!”

“The results we strive for are two-fold,” said Frank Giambrone, (Partner). “First, we bring much needed exposure to great, little known brands. Secondly, we help stimulate sales for our national accounts by providing them with a niche product. It’s a win-win situation.”

Mr. Barone also sits on the Advisory Board of Nightclub & Bar magazine and provides access to many of the country’s most highly visible sales platforms including The Marketing Executive Group, a two-day seminar presented twice a year to nearly 200 attendees where OneBar is the sponsor and member. Other venues include the Nightclub & Bar trade show, the VIBE trade show, Cheers, NRA and the internationally renowned Aspen Food & Wine Classic.


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