Cashing In On Celebrity Appearances

The recruitment of celebrity’s as part of a promotional effort to attract customers is nothing new to the industry. And if done correctly venues can cash in on these high profile guests. To an average customer, having the opportunity to say they partied with a celebrity adds to the experience and credibility of the establishment. Here are a couple of things to think about if you’re looking to bring in a high-profile individual.

Work Within Your Budget
You need to make sure that you crunch the numbers. This includes your cover charge, average customer bar/food ticket, and occupancy. It’s ill-advised to book a $30,000 celebrity when the most income your venue will gross is $20,000.  However, if you play your cards right and are able to gain press in a local magazines or newspapers it may be worth it, even if the numbers break even or you can sustain a loss. It could potentially help kick off a new venue or weekly party at your nightclub.  In addition, make sure to consider the cost of travel, in your budget.

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Left: 50 Cent - Right: Ceelo Green

Choose The Right Celebrity
Research must go into figuring out who is right for your venue. Think about it; you wouldn’t book a porn star for a teen nightclub, a 17 year-old actor for an upscale 30+ crowd or a famous biker for a trendy ultra-lounge.  As an owner you need to choose someone that fits your clientele and not just who you like. Make sure to choose wisely between reality stars, celebrities and athletes.  Keep in mind most reality stars are newly famous and have a reasonable fee therefore, think long and hard about who your patrons will come out to see.

Include Social Media & Video In Contract
Before booking you celebrity make sure to do your research (i.e. how many followers or likes do they have? Do they utilize Instagram or Vine in addition to Facebook and Twitter?, etc.) Then make sure to include social media obligations in the contract. Do not wait until the last minute.  You should then meet with your General Manager or Marketing Director to prepare possible tweets, posts and other social media elements for the guest celebrity to utilize.  Include graphics and video elements if possible.

Provide Proper Marketing For Your Celebrity
Don’t just expect that booking a celebrity will instantly pack your venue.  You need to market the event to the best of your ability.  This includes marketing outlets such as flyer distribution, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, staff promotion, radio, text campaign, email blasts, magazines, local websites, press releases and promoters.

Event And After Effect
Once the event happens, be sure to take care of your celebrity guest. Go above and beyond including food, drinks, impeccable service and proper security.  Pay attention to details; make sure your celebrities travel arrangements are on point, VIP area set up, Host or Manager to walk him/her in and so on.  In addition, make sure to announce when the celebrity arrives and have a professional photographer there to take photos.   During and after the event make sure to utilize all of your social media and marketing outlets to get the most mileage out to the guest appearance.


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