Celebrate Earth Day by Going Green

Go Green More and more Americans look to support places that are reducing their dependence on traditional power and their carbon footprint emitted into the environment. Bars and nightclubs nationwide are making strides to green up their business to improve sustainability. And today Earth Day is the perfect time to start thinking about how your business can make a difference.

Here are some articles that will help you get started.

Have You Gone Green Yet?
One of the major trends that caught on very quickly was incorporating organic, sustainable and local into you drink and food menus; a trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. However, your “green/local” thinking shouldn’t stop there. It should extend into how you operate your entire business.  And it’s not that difficult. MORE>>

Green” Wine Makes Great Sense
Whether sustainably produced, organically farmed, or biodynamically derived, the number and range of “green” wines is growing each year, spurred on not only by grape growers and vintners concerned about the micro-climate shifts that are altering their growing seasons, but also consumers who increasingly want to vote with their dollars about the environment. MORE>>

Elixir Goes Green
H. Joseph Ehrmann is a leading cocktail authority and the owner/operator of one of San Francisco’s popular landmarks, Elixir. What many people don’t know is in 2005 Elixir became one of the first 50 businesses in San Francisco to become a Certified Green Business through the City of San Francisco Department of the Environment’s certification program. It is also the only bar to earn the distinction. MORE>>

Dine Green
The GRA is a national non-profit organization that provides a convenient and cost-effective way for restaurants, manufacturers, distributors, and consumers to become more environmentally responsible. MORE>>

How To Go Green at Your Restaurant
It is no secret that most restaurants are not exactly environmentally friendly. They use a tremendous amount of energy and water and produce huge piles of garbage. However, today more and more people entering the restaurant industry are environmentally conscious. They grew up with recycling bins at school and at home. They know the dangers global warming and pollution. And many of them are prepared to do something about it. MORE>>

Why Going Green is Good for Business
Typical restaurant owners and operators have a lot on their plates--literally. From keeping track of labor expenses to managing food cost to ensuring customer satisfaction, the restaurant owner is always concerned with ensuring the restaurant's success. One way to mark this success is by measuring the restaurant's ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Going green is one of the most important movements affecting commercial food service operations today. MORE>>


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