Cellit Launches Interactive Mobile Phone Quiz Game for Bars, Restaurants and Nightclubs

Las Vegas, NV —  Cellit, a leading provider of mobile customer relationship management (CRM) systems for retailers, restaurants and other companies, announced the release of a new interactive quiz game for bars and nightclubs called “The 3rd Degree”. The 3rd Degree encourages patrons to play a 10-question quiz game, using their mobile phones to text answers to a variety of unique trivia questions displayed on television screens. Punchy questions, high-impact graphics, in-game prizes, and an interactive platform provide hours of entertainment for customers, encouraging them to spend more time at the restaurant or bar.

“One of the challenges of owning and managing a bar or restaurant is to provide an atmosphere where customers want to stay,” said David Wachs, President of Cellit. “The 3rd Degree turns cell phones into ‘buzzers’ for a game show projected on the screens around them. With an average playing time of over twenty-five minutes, we believe the high-duration engagement will drive drink purchases. ”

The 3rd Degree also provides an on-screen “ticker”, enabling location managers to advertise specials, events and more during the game.

The 3rd Degree operates on an easy-to-set up platform, requiring only that the small system box be plugged into a television with an internet connection. The system retails for $399, but Cellit is now using an ad-supported model to offer the system to qualified establishments at no cost.


“We are thrilled to offer The 3rd Degree hardware and ongoing service free to qualifying establishments,” continued Wachs. “With absolutely no cost to the establishment, other than requiring a TV and an internet connection, we can offer a unique and interactive draw, driving repeat visits and increasing tender amounts.”

Cellit plans an initial roll-out of 500 free systems to qualifying bars, restaurants and nightclubs over the next three months. For more information, or to be considered for participation, please visit www.3rddegree.com.

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