Chain Restaurants Focusing On Beverage Menus

Chain restaurant are continuously trying to rework their beverage menus in order to gain new customers and renew interest in repeat customers. With higher margins on beverage sales than food these slight changes can help boost check averages and the businesses bottom line.  It also helps to reinforce the brand’s image in customers.

Recently quite a few chain restaurants have reworked different parts of their menus.  Here we list just a few that have made some significant changes and impact.

Romano’s Macaroni Grill mentioned in the Romano’s Realigns Wine and Food article this week revamped their wine menus to focus more on the basic Italian dining philosophy of wine matching food. 


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Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse has been playing on its New Orleans heritage with a new cocktail menu it has introduced to its 130 restaurants. They even presented the first ever cocktail dinner featuring cocktails created by William Grant and Sons and Rémy Cointreau.

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar has also launched a new cocktail list at its 64 restaurants give their guests the opportunity to explore something new. This expansion and emphasis on cocktails not just wine can add to a more memorable experience for cocktail

Cocktails and wine aren’t the only beverages being revamped on menus. Buffalo Wings & Rings, a 52-unit sports bar chain, is using its beer lineup to promote new food and beer pairings.


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