Chauvet Introduces New 4BAR Tri Lights

SUNRISE, Fla. – Chauvet, a leading manufacturer of professional lighting, announces the 4BAR Tri, a portable LED wash lighting solution with brighter tri-color LEDs that offer a more intense, uniform color output than the original and popular 4BAR. The high-power, tri-color LEDs on the 4BAR Tri are suitable for any application, including front, side and back lighting, as they nearly eliminate multi-colored shadows.

Chauvet 4BAR Tri


4BAR Tri has four individually controllable PAR cans mounted to a single bar and comes with a tripod mounting system, a footswitch controller and convenient carrying cases. You can position each head independently for total room or stage coverage and mount the 4BAR Tri to truss to increase flexibility. The easy-to-use footswitch controller provides different presets for color mixing, sound activation, blackout capabilities and many other auto programs.


The 4BAR Tri also accepts full DMX control with 15 different channels for color mixing and triggering auto-programs. It allows you to power link up to eight units and work with other 4BAR or 4BAR Tri fixtures, saving time running cables and extension cords. By linking the 4BAR Tri with other units, you can also work in master/slave mode to create large, coordinated light shows quickly and easily. The low profile lights on the 4BAR Tri are only 1.6 inches deep and can fit in almost every environment.


You can set up and take down the 4BAR Tri in seconds. Save space on your rig by mounting together several lighting units — a 4BAR Tri, a 4PLAY, a 4PLAY CL and a 6SPOT — all on the same included tripod. Transporting the 4BAR Tri becomes effortless with the included carry bags, making this unit the perfect choice for on-the-go performers and touring bands.

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