Chopin Vodka to Donate $50,000 to Grammy Foundation with Auction of Largest Vodka Bottle Ever Produced

Santa Barbara, CA, February 16, 2010  – To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Frederic Chopin's birth, Chopin Vodka unveiled a hand-blown, seven-foot tall, 200-liter glass bottle on the red carpet at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. This is the largest bottle of vodka ever produced and is an exact replica of Chopin Vodka’s signature bottle.
Inspired by its namesake, Chopin Vodka will auction the bottle later this year to benefit the GRAMMY Foundation and its important work in music preservation and archiving, guaranteeing a minimum donation of $50,000.
Sandra Bullock Chopin VodkaFeaturing autographs by several luminaries from the film world who attended the Santa Barbara International Film Festival – including Sandra Bullock, Forest Whitaker, James Cameron, Emily Blunt, Kirk Douglas, Quentin Tarantino, Carey Mulligan, Roger Durling, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Saoirse Ronan, Michael Stuhlbarg, Kathryn Bigelow, Julianne Moore, Gabourey Sidibe, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Vera Farmiga, Colin Firth and Jeff Bridges – the 200-liter bottle will embark on a national tour before the public auction later this year.
“Chopin Vodka has always been a serious sponsor of the arts, as illustrated through our relationship with the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. This new partnership with the GRAMMY Foundation is another example of how committed we are to supporting initiatives that align with our brand,” states Guillaume Grillon, brand manager of Chopin Vodka.
"Protecting our cultural legacy is central to the GRAMMY Foundation's mission," says Kristen Madsen, senior vice president of the GRAMMY Foundation. "That work includes preserving endangered recordings of composers as iconic as Chopin to lesser known but equally influential artists, and we are grateful for the generous support of Chopin Vodka to our ongoing programs."

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