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Much is said and written about making responsible service top of mind for everyone in a licensed establishment, and never has it been easier to tap into information and best practice resources. In fact, thanks to a number of comprehensive Web sites, the why, what and how of responsible service is just a click away.
Educators, trainers, beverage experts and industry associations, as well as suppliers who are really walking the talk, now offer a wealth of knowledge and materials on their Web sites. We surfed to see what’s available online and were amazed at how easily accessible this crucial information and training is today.
Here’s a look at some prime responsibility resource Web sites. Now there’s really no excuse for slacking when it comes to making responsible service the modus operandi.
Launched in the fall by Diageo, this is probably one of the most comprehensive alcohol responsibility sites around. Content is directed at parents, educators, law enforcement, community advocates and policy makers, as well as on- and off-premise licensees.
Basic information about consumption is found under Facts about Alcohol. For the bar, lounge, nightclub, restaurant and hotel operator, the Resource Center tab gives a Responsible Serving option; the page describes numerous available programs, with links to those resources.
What’s interesting about is that it’s interactive; users are invited to contribute to content and become part of the community via forums and the Responsibility Channel, where they can share videos and programs they have found effective in addressing alcohol-related issues.
This site is corporate responsibility central for Anheuser-Busch, offering designated driver and other programs designed to prevent drunk driving. The initiatives are either from A-B or developed in concert with various local and regional groups and include Alert Cab and Designated Driver, both of which assist on-premise establishments in preventing a patron from driving while intoxicated. Many of them incorporate local A-B distributor and wholesaler networks.
Founded in 1983, the Responsible Hospitality Institute is a clearinghouse and facilitator of national, state and local networks to promote the development of safe, vibrant places to socialize. Operators can learn about the initiatives and connect with others interested in promoting responsible nightlife, and is underwritten by Diageo, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America, Distilled Spirits Council of the United States and the National Beer Wholesalers Association.
The Responsible Retailing Forum also facilitates collaboration among regulatory and enforcement agencies, public health agencies and advocates, retailers and their associations, distributors, suppliers and researchers to identify best practices for preventing underage sales. The site invites visitors to join the collaborative effort, and provides access to programs such as “We Don’t Serve Teens.”

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