Communication is Key to Success

EBar Rescue Insiderditor's Note: The following is one in a series of blogs provided by the experts who have worked incredibly hard to make Spike TV's "Bar Rescue" reality program, starring Nightclub & Bar Media Group President Jon Taffer, such a success. The Bar Rescue Insider blog series will deliver tried-and-true tips and tricks to help bar owners, operators and managers solve common problems and increase their bottom line. Tune in to every week for the next edition of Bar Rescue Insider!

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A few things to ponder before Season Two of Bar Rescue on July 29.

Why haven’t you walked through your kitchen or talked with the Chef? In almost every show the owners or managers have left the kitchen to their own devices. Allowing them to determine how and what the food program should be. In most cases this has led to some pretty grim scenarios. The simple art of communication, a basic of restaurant 101, will eliminate this problem. Here are some simple steps in order to create synergies between the kitchen and the rest of the venue:

  1. Communicate with your kitchen at least once a day
    1. Have a meeting with your staff at least once a week – this means managers and chefs
  2. Set the standard for what it is that you – the owner – expect
    1. Demand perfection. It doesn’t matter if it is a seared Ostrich with a reduction or a chicken wing – if it’s wrong or not up to par – say something
  3. Be present
    1. Being present isn’t doing the walk through from the door to the office – it mean, you are available to your staff, even if they have issues with you. Now do as my good friend Jon Taffer would say… DO something about it!
  4. Invest in your staff
    1. Not just financially. Actually invest some time and show them the way
      1. Take them on a tour of a winery
      2. Take them on a tour of a beer distributor
      3. Take your kitchen staff on a tour of your local Sysco or US food warehouse
      4. Have a vendor give a presentation on wine, beer or spirits – companies will do this for FREE and your team will thank you
      5. Create a reason for your staff to be there other than money
  5. Education is POWER (and more money in your pocket)
    1. By teaching your staff and constantly advancing their skills they will be happier and in turn will be more productive, ultimately increasing revenue
    2. Take the time each day to speak with them during pre-meal where everybody is given the same information about the food, drinks, facility, parties and concerns for the day
  6. Environment
    1. Create an environment that everybody wants to be in
    2. Limit Staff Drinking
    3. Limit Owner Drinking
    4. Keep it Clean
    5. Keep it Sanitary
    6. Keep it Stocked

On Season Two of Bar Rescue I have come face to face with a few real issues, some of which were very hard to deal with. Taffer and the crew were amazing in the way that these instances were handled. I hope that all of you know that this is not just a TV show for us. We are all genuinely involved and truly care about the success of each place that we “rescue”. I will speak for myself here – know that most of the cast and crew of Bar Rescue have formed lasting relationships both friendly and professionally with some of the employees.

With that being said I hope each and every one of you has a hugely successful year and can take some of the advice that we, the “experts” of Bar Rescue offer.

All the best and here comes Season Two!!!


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