The Daily Traveler: Nightlife Pros Tell You How to Make Your Next Big Night Better

From The Daily Traveler:

A hostess, a mixologist, and a DJ—each from a spot on our Global Bar Hop—tell you how to get great service, mix better cocktails, and pick the perfect playlist.

Sarah Doyle, Gardel's Bar, Sydney


Sydneysider Sarah Doyle’s fifties frocks and polished hair look just right at Gardel’s, a retro nightclub frequented by rockabillies used to the royal treatment: “I want everyone to feel like a celebrity,” Doyle explains. “And to feel the love I have for this place.” Her top tips for getting treated well on a night out:

Flatter. “If you ask waiters what they’d order, they’re going to make sure you’re happy with what they deliver.”

Treat ’em nice. “Seems obvious, but if you treat the staff the way you’d like to be treated if you were working here, they’re more likely to look after you.”

Tip up. “If you leave a decent tip—at least ten percent, or up to $2 per drink, and always in cash—you’ll never be forgotten.”

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