Damian The Hypnotist Reaches 1500th Show this August

A Certified Master Hypnotist, Damian is a performer with television, film and radio experience whose work has received critical acclaim and recognition. He spends most of his time on tour entertaining his audiences.


Damian has taken stage hypnotism to a new level. His shows are unparalleled in the industry and have held audiences captivated and spellbound in the finest nightclubs, pubs, comedy clubs, casino showrooms, and indoor and outdoor venues throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

His work has appeared on major television networks including HBO, CTV, BBS, TVO, TSN and the Global Television Network. He was featured at the 2003 World of Comedy International Film Festival.

He also performed his stunning show for MTV in 2006 with Tyson Ritter, the lead singer of The All-American Rejects and Stephen Colletti, from MTV's "Laguna Beach" and "One Tree Hill," as part of the channel's highly-anticipated spring break programming, aired throughout March on MTV.

In addition, he mesmerized the crowds at MTV Spring Break's highest attended student event, Maxim Spring Break in conjunction with Maxim magazine and was nominated on the college campus circuit for Variety Entertainer of the Year.

Damian’s hypnotist shows are simply hilarious and completely interactive with 15 to 20 volunteer audeince participants who come on stage and are hypnotized to perform different skits for a unique, dynamic and exciting form of transcendental comedic entertainment. He’s also become a YouTube sensation, getting over 200 000 views in the last months!

Audience members rave about the show long after it has been completed. The skits for each performance are original and tailor-made for each show. They range from “PG - 13" to “R - rated” and even to the famous, "Uncensored" skits, depending upon the venue, audience and expectations of the crowd.

He’s reaching a milestone this fall, performing his 1500th live show. Look up Damian’s schedule here to see when he’s coming to a town near you!

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