Datassential's Essential Data: Next-Level Cocktail Bars

Facts and figures drive our world. Consumer behavior and insight, market research, profits and losses… In this era of information operators can obtain data that pertains to anything, from the standard to the obscure. But do numbers and percentages really help operators shape their strategy?

Datassential research delivers real-world trend information to the food industry while also providing the story behind the data to pull everything together. One of Datassential’s resources that helps tell the story of their research and results is their recently released Next-Level Cocktail Bars report. This information-packed report is available to VIBE readers for download, and it’s dedicated to the next-level cocktail bars that are bringing new concepts, innovative alcohol formats, and distinct alcoholic beverage flavors to the market.

Next-Level Cocktail Bars features data from unique operators such as Amor y Amago and Mace, both in New York, Market in Ohio, The Walker Inn located in Los Angeles, Alembic in San Francisoc, and even Colorado speakeasy Williams & Graham. From sweet vermouth on tap, to Bloody Mary carts that give customers the opportunity to create their own signature morning cocktail using nearly 40 ingredients, to a bar that appears out of nowhere in what appears to be an old-fashioned bookstore, consumers can find whatever they want (and weren’t even aware they wanted) not just in the most obvious places, but also in standalone cocktail bars and pubs.

Here’s just a taste of what Datassentials' Next-Level Cocktail Bars report contains:

  • Actionable consumer information. Did you know, for example, that 74% of consumers want to visit a tiki bar?
  • Insight into Datassential’s Menu Adoption Cycle, a framework for understanding, predicting and leveraging food trends.
  • Next-level food and beverage pairings found on cocktail menus, and how they can have wider applications for any product line even if your concept doesn’t serve alcohol.
  • Datassential tested actual menu items with consumers who drink alcohol to see how they scored.
  • Innovative menu ideas. According to Datassential data, 66% of consumers like the idea of scale indicating a drink’s taste, like that found on the menu of Pouring Ribbons on New York.

Jack Li, Builder at Datassential, will be hosting Workshop #4 at the 2017 VIBE Conference. Titled “Activating the Order,” Li’s workshop will take an in-depth look at the adult beverage decision process, teach attendees how consumers choose to have an adult beverage, reveal the factors that drive drinks consumers select, and uncover what operators and suppliers can do to satisfy those conditions. Register now if you haven’t done so to gain invaluable industry insight.

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