Daybreaker Ushers in a New World of Wellness & Partying

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If the topics of wellness, healthy living, healthful food and drink alternatives, and zero-proof beverages induce eye rolling or a sense of sleepiness in you, I assure you that you’re not alone. As I said a few weeks ago, health and sustainability aren’t considered the world’s sexiest subjects.

But wellness doesn’t have to be boring.

Daybreaker is a community and experiential event brand that proves wellness can be exciting if approached correctly. Just how do the people behind Daybreaker make wellness fun instead of sleep inducing?

I am so glad you asked…

Early Morning Parties

You think dayclubs get down in the morning? Hah! This community parties early in the morning. And I mean Daybreaker plans and executes actual parties in cool venues. A Mad Hatter’s Ball at a rooftop restaurant in Boulder, Colorado? They did that last Friday, and they’ve hit up Mile High Stadium in the past. An all-denim dance party at Venice, California, restaurant Wurstküche for which partygoers were encouraged to wear “denim errrythang”? Yeah, Daybreaker pulled that off this past Saturday. They’ve even done a jungle party (junglist platoon, assemble! Bo bo bo!) at a Madame Tussauds.

And who are they attracting, beyond people into healthy living? Millennials and influencers. You know, the largest living generation in the United States, also known as a generation interested in healthy living, zero-proof beverages, experiences, socializing and social media. In other words, your guests for a large chunk of the foreseeable future.

An hour of yoga or high-energy workout kicks off Daybreaker events. Partygoers can purchase a yoga-only ticket, a dance party-only ticket, or a ticket giving them access to both. Groups of three or more receive a discounted ticket price.

Yoga? Really?

“Okay, David—you said wellness wasn’t boring and now you’re talking about yoga and working out,” I hear some of you saying (in my head). Well, slow down there, Turbo von Speedington—Daybreaker does make yoga and working out fun. If you’re thinking that’s impossible, this community disagrees.

Starting the day off by boosting energy and mood is the Daybreaker signature, so yoga and workouts are accompanied by deep house music and meant to get the heart and blood pumping. That’s why these events are held early in the morning, and as I mentioned above, these are events. Local and traveling tastemakers encourage their followers to attend Daybreaker events, and people come in droves.

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Of course, some venues operate in areas where noise ordinances prohibit deep house (or any genre of music) from being blasted by a bar, restaurant, nightclub or event space early in the morning. Daybreakers has a solution for that particular pickle that’s proved popular. The brand hosts its fair share of silent discos, and yes, attendees dig it.

Proof that Zero-Proof Works

That brings us to the zero-proof element of a Daybreaker party. These are sober parties. A free Seedlip drink is provided to ticketholders at some events. Free Chameleon Cold Brew, which Daybreaker refers to as “magic in a bottle,” is provided at others (sometimes alongside Seedlip). Breakfast snacks and fresh juices are provided by Manitoba Harvest, free of charge.

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I’ve had my fair share of Chameleon Cold Brew. In fact, I compiled a list of cocktails made with the magical coffee brand last year. Both Kelly Magyarics and I have written articles about Seedlip and the high-level mocktails that can be made with the world’s first alcohol-free spirit.


So, why does this matter to you? In a word, community. As an operator you have a duty to engage with the community in which you do business. You and your brand need to be active members of the community, offering them new experiences, keeping up with the needs and desires of your guests, and showing that you care about them and your staff. Don’t forget that your staff relies on your business acumen, and engaging the community means they can earn regulars, make money, survive and thrive.

Then there’s the Daybreaker community. Leveraging this community—in an authentic way—should be of interest to you. Let’s take a look at some numbers so you can see what I’m on about:

Let those numbers sink in. Now consider the fact that Daybreaker operates in 22 cities around the world. As the brand themselves say it, they’re a “global fam.” They speak the language, plan and execute the events, and partner with venues and brands that attract today’s Millennial and experience-seeking consumer. Daybreaker has collaborated with Samsung, Nike, lululemon, W Hotels and more. They currently partner with Seedlip and Chameleon Cold Brew, as detailed above. And you could be their next venue partnership.

Put it All Together

Keep in mind that not everyone who is drawn to a two-hour sober dance party lives alcohol free. And it also behooves you to remember that not everyone who is living a sober lifestyle avoids bars, nightclubs, nightclubs and events at which beverage alcohol is served. A Daybreaker event gives you the opportunity to engage with your community in a unique way; showcase your zero-proof menu (an increasing must-have for every operator); communicate a dedication or interest in wellness; convert attendees to later daypart guests; solidify the brand loyalty regulars feel toward your establishment. When you take a look at events Daybreaker has executed in the past it’s clear that they seek out more than just bars and restaurants; event space operators are needed as well.

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There’s a lot of upside here, including the fact that a percentage of your employees who are dedicated to wellness will be excited about you hosting a Daybreaker party. That excitement translates to free word-of-mouth and social media promotion.

So, what do you think? Is it time for Daybreaker to bring their core values—wellness, camaraderie, self-expression, mindfulness and mischief—to your place?

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