Demanding Customers Want Wow Service

“How many people agree with me that customer service in today’s world sucks?” asked Bob Brown of Bob Brown Service Solutions.  Nearly every hand in a room filled with bar, club and restaurant owners shot up immediately.  The same hands reached for the ceiling when Mr. Brown asked how many in the room would like that opinion to change. 

Customer Service at a bar or restaurant

The skilled speaker made it very clear that today’s customers are “wired and dangerous,” reminding all those who attended the workshop that one person can tell 10,000 people about their negative experience with the single click of a button. 

In order to ward off negative, Yelp trigger-happy customers, its imperative to learn how to listen without interrupting; emphasizing the fact that you're on your guests' side and reacting to repair the relationship.  This goes a long way to bolster customer loyalty and can turn a one-time guest into a lifetime guest.

Speaking of the customer experience, keep in mind that selling starts at the door!  So why not master the art of Hello and Good-bye? Customers size up server and hostesses in the first few seconds. Mastering a professional yet inviting greeting opens a multitude of opportunities to express warmth and thoughtfulness. Plus, you can’t let all your servers efforts go up in smoke at the finish line. Therefore, you need to also perfect your ending with a verbal Thank You. 

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