DestilerA-a SerrallA(C)s and Deathas Door Spirits Forge a Ground-Breaking Multi-Functional Strategic Partnership

STAMFORD, CT & MADISON, WI – In a joint statement, Destilería Serrallés, Inc. and Death’s Door Spirits, LLC have inked a long-term, co-operating U.S. distribution and marketing agreement. This alliance brings together two “brand-first” companies that are at the forefront of “craft & quality” functionality in creating award-winning brands. Both companies share a passion for high-quality spirits distilled from natural ingredients and strive to bring innovation and sustainability to all aspects of their products and practices.

For Destilería Serrallés, through its U.S. distribution arm Serrallés USA, this venture bolsters its arsenal beyond world-class rums in bringing to a new market a craft gin, vodka and white whisky. This makes it a portfolio that is not only diverse, but also attractive to new audiences and accounts in all 50 states. This partnership also will enable a two-way flow of “best practices” knowledge and insight between companies: both in terms of marketing, but also and with respect to each company’s cutting-edge product development and sustainability credos. For Death’s Door Spirits, it will now have a national footprint to further grow its emerging portfolio of artisanal products via Serrallés USA’s national distribution network. This partnership also opens up a larger platform for Death’s Door Spirits to set the benchmark for what both sides believe American “craft” spirits should represent. In addition to providing its experience and proven track record, Destilería Serrallés also will take an advisory role in the expansion of Death’s Door Spirits’ operations and distillation facilities in Wisconsin as the small-craft brand seeks to build greater production capacity to match the fast rising demand for its products. Death’s Door Spirits will take an active role in brand and product innovation with Destilería Serrallés as the fastest growing U.S. rum maker looks to expand its product line.

“We are extremely pleased to have Death’s Door Spirits as a strategic partner. As a successful small, upstart company, Death’s Door Spirits has shown that strong passion and clear voice are welcome in the spirits industry. We look forward to setting a new standard of 'brand-building' in the spirits industry. Furthermore, we believe the strategic partnership with Death’s Door Spirits is crucial to sustaining the momentum our company has as an emerging industry leader,” says John Eason, Vice President & National Sales Manager at Serrallés USA.

“This opportunity has tremendous upside for both parties,” explained Brian Ellison, President and CEO of Death’s Door Spirits. “As Death’s Door Spirits has grown, we have always looked for greater avenue to tell our story to a larger audience. I feel the values and vision that both the Serrallés family and John Eason’s team holds matches closely with our core values: commitment to quality, focus on all aspects of the production process from ground to glass, and vigilance toward sustainability.”

The two companies will remain independent entities, with Death’s Door Spirits National Sales Director, John Kinder, working in tandem with the Serrallés USA sales & marketing teams under the leadership of Mr. Eason


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