Dewaras 18 Year Old Wins Blended Scottish Category At 2011 Ultimate Spirits Challenge Competition

New York, NY – Dewar's 18 Year Old - a premium expression of the number one selling Scotch whisky in the U.S. was awarded the Chairman’s Trophy at the 2011 Ultimate Spirits Challenge beating out numerous submissions in its category. The event took place at Astor Center in New York City on March 1-4 and, although only in its second year, is regarded as one of the country’s most extensive and respected spirits competitions.

Upon receiving this prestigious award, Dewar’s VP, Brand Managing Director Fannie Young said, “We are proud to stand behind the fine reputation for quality that Dewar's has been synonymous with for over 150 years. I am thrilled that the Ultimate Spirits Challenge competition has recognized our efforts and awarded Dewar's18 Year Old with its highest honor.” Ultimate Spirits Challenge Founder, Paul Pacult adds “Dewar's 18 Blended Scotch Whisky winning a Chairman's Trophy at this year's Ultimate Spirits Challenge didn't take myself or any of the judges by surprise. We recognized that this is a benchmark blended Scotch whose time has come. Of course, the strict USC methodology dictates that all spirits are tasted blind in multiple stages, which further points out how well Dewar's 18 did in a field of prodigious whiskies. I'm delighted that it won such UBC's ultimate accolade, the Chairman's Trophy, as this year's top scoring blended Scotch whisky. Well done; well deserved."


Dewar's takes an extra step that the brand believes to be worth doing, and makes for an unbeatable taste profile. That extra step is called “double-aging." This unique bespoke double-aging process gives Dewar's 18 Year Old its remarkable smoothness and depth of character, and sets Dewar's apart from other major producers. Pioneered over 100 years ago by Dewar's Master Blender A.J. Cameron, double-aging is a process that involves returning the newly made blend – the point at which most whisky makers would simply bottle it up – back to vintage oak casks to mature for an extended period of time. This extra step creates a smoother blend, with a long, lingering finish and allows all the different flavors and aromas to really harmonise and settle down. The mixture is returned to the casks for that extra period of time to fuse and become one taste.

Dewar's 18 is made of up to 40 of Scotland’s finest single malt and grain whiskies, hand-selected by our master blender, which have been matured for at least 18 years, and are then blended together. The entire process takes time, and requires many years of expertise, by experienced craftsmen who take a number of steps that help to distinguish Dewar's from the rest. First, the traditional fermentation process is prolonged to ensure that the final whisky is rich in fruity flavors and aromas. Then the stillmen carefully select the finest part of the distillation (known as “the heart”) and place it into oak casks to mature for at least three years in a warehouse in Scotland. While in the bourbon and sherry casks, the heart gently shapes and its rich flavors are fully developed.

The Ultimate Spirits Challenge was established by highly respected and renowned spirits aficionado F. Paul Pacult. The primary goal of the competition is to generate a new platinum standard of trustworthiness, integrity, reliability, and relevant results to international beverage competitions in order to recognize the highest degree of product quality. Paul Pacult adds: “Once again, the Ultimate Spirits Challenge proved that integrity, method, and credibility can flourish and be the driving forces in a competitive beverage alcohol environment.” Nearly 600 entries from over one hundred companies were entered, with wide international representation; however Chairman's Trophy honors were only awarded to the highest scoring spirits in 27 distinct spirits categories. Led by Judging Chairman F. Paul Pacult himself and Assistant Judging Chairman Sean Ludford, judges included Jacques Bezuidenhout, Dale DeGroff, Doug Frost, Robert Plotkin, Julie Reiner, Jack Robertiello, Steve Olson, Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan, David Wondrich and more.

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