Diageo RAkks the State with Launch of New Imported Swedish Vodka

NORWALK, CT —During the 9th Century, in the midst of the Viking Age, the earliest piece of Swedish literature was chiseled on the Rök Stone. Still standing today, the Rök Stone is the largest and most famous rune-stone currently in existence serving as a historic reflection of the bold and innovative spirit of the Viking’s history. In celebration of this bold spirit, Diageo, the world’s leading premium drinks business, today officially announced the U.S. launch of RÖKK Vodka. Hailing from Sweden, RÖKK is a high quality premium priced offering produced through a freeze filtration process.

RÖKK is crafted using European Wheat and Swedish spring water. After being distilled four times, it is then ‘Freeze Filtered’ where the vodka is chilled to sub zero temperatures before running it through the filtration process, resulting in exceptional smoothness. This freeze filtration process, combined with RÖKK’s high quality distillation, earned the brand a Double Gold Medal at the 2010 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

“There is growing consumer interest in high quality, imported vodkas, and we are thrilled to introduce RÖKK to the U.S. market, offering consumers a great tasting, incredibly smooth vodka choice that is bold and undeniable,” said Adam Rosen, Brand Director. “The launch of RÖKK Vodka marks a significant addition to Diageo’s offerings providing a compelling premium priced Swedish import in a period when consumers are looking for choice in the import space.”

In addition to the base vodka (40% Alcohol by Volume), RÖKK will be available in four flavors (35% ABV): Raspberry, Orange, Citrus, and Apple, at grocery, liquor, club and drug stores nationwide.

For additional information, please visit www.ROKKvodka.com, and always remember to drink RÖKK responsibly.


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