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When the VIBE Conference comes to the Palms Resort and Casino on March 31 – April 1, 2015, top-notch industry professionals will shake things up with dynamic presentations and leading industry research.

One particular session that is sure to inspire, energize and open unexpected avenues for growth and success is keynote presentation “The New Vibe in Business” presented by Joey Reiman, CEO & Founder of the global consultancy & International Center for Applied Purpose, BrightHouse, a company whose mission it is to bring greater purpose to the world of business.

Here’s a quick look at VIBE’s 2015 lineup and what you can expect from Reiman’s keynote presentation. Mark your calendars because you certainly don't want to miss out!

The New Vibe in BusinessJoey Reiman
Joey Reiman • BrightHouse

We can survive 40 days without food, four days without water but our minds can only survive 30 seconds without meaning.  Human beings are meaning-seeking creatures who thirst for greater purpose. Purpose has emerged as the most powerful tool in commerce and Joey Reiman has come forth as the world’s leading expert on bringing purpose to the world of business, helping companies discover, articulate, and activate their purpose.  Named one of the 100 people who will change the way the world things by Fast Company, Joey Reiman is CEO & Founder of the global consultancy & International Center for Applied Purpose, BrightHouse, a company whose mission it is to bring greater purpose to the world of business.  Reiman’s newest book, The Story of Purpose: The Path to Creating a Brighter Brand, a Greater Company, and a lasting Legacy, has been named by The News & Observer as one of the top 25 boos for corporate America.  Reiman take you on a storytelling journey of purpose–driven companies that will help you guide, inspire, and transform your own organization.  You will learn what make your company distinctive and discover the force behind your organization that no competitor can replicate, serving you the best meal for your soul.

Do Casual Dining Operators Really Provide Value to Consumers?Warren Solochek
Warren Solochek
• The NPD Group, Inc.

Over the past five years casual dining chains have increased the level of promotional offerings offered to consumers.  This has been done to drive visits in a slow/no growth environment.  Yet, there has not been an increase in visits to CDRs since the end of the recession.  The lack of growth among CDRs leads one to the conclusion that the promotions that are being run do not provide enough of a value to incent visits.  The object of this session will be to explore the promotion trends for CDRs since the recession ended and determine if the offerings are providing value.  In the eyes of consumers, how does value get translated in restaurants beyond discounted prices? What strategies and tactics should be considered to drive visits and build customer loyalty to a chain?

Elizabeth DicontiSocial Media Targeting and Tools in the Alcohol Beverage Space: Keeping it Legal
Elizabeth Diconti
• GrayRobinson, P.A.

It is not a fad. Social is mainstream and it is here to stay.  Are you a retailer trying to understand how to talk to your customers in a legal, compliant way, using social media? Are you trying to use supplier dollars to create alcohol beverage programs involving social media, through engagement, devices, and more?  We market socially now online, via mobile, and on the premises using tablets and other devices.  “Tied house” laws, which govern the financial relationships among all three tiers, are not keeping pace with our social world. Members of all three tiers are moving to technological marketing, and need to understand how to integrate traditional tied house restrictions into this activity in order to keep things legal. We will discuss some examples of state alcohol beverage enforcement policies in the social media context, and will also address how to use social targeting and tools in state environments where specific policies have not been adopted yet. 


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