Name of DJ: DJ JUS-SKEJus-Ske
Name of Club: 1 OAK 
Location: New York, NY
Ownership/ Parent Company: Butter Group
Square Footage: 6,000
Capacity/ Seats: 300
Open Date: Sept. 15, 2007

DJ JUS-SKE was born and raised in New York City. He stormed the club scene as a promoter, party host, DJ and general energizer in the late '90s and has been a perennial favorite ever since. For the past several years, DJ JUS-SKE has been the go-to party-rocker for downtown Manhattan’s cooler- than-thou party scene. The New York City native’s unrivaled ability to keep dance floors packed has caught the eye of music industry bigwigs like Madonna, Mariah Carey, Usher, Diddy and Jay-Z, all of whom have hired DJ JUS-SKE for their exclusive parties and events. DJ JUS-SKE is constantly holding down many of NYC’s weekly hot spots. DJ JUS-SKE plays regularly in New York, the Hamptons, Tokyo, Miami, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, St. Tropez, Dubai, Las Vegas, and Paris and Milan during fashion week, as well as for companies such as Louis Vuitton, Nike, Takashi Murakami, Gagosian, Roc-A-Fella Records, Bad Boy Entertainment and countless other VIP events. DJ JUS-SKE joined forces with Pharrel Williams and Star Trak as the DJ for Pharrel’s album “In My Mind,” promo tour. He has made appearances with Pharrel on “The Tonight Show with David Letterman,” “MTV’s TRL,” “The American Music Awards” and “The Billboard Awards.” JUS-SKE is the DJ at 1 OAK every Thursday and Saturday night.



Established by hospitality entrepreneurs Richie Akiva, Scott Sartiano and Ronnie Madra, 1 OAK is a 6,000-square-foot lounge inspired by the heyday of Manhattan’s social scene in the 1980s and 1990’s – when creativity, energy, and individuality earned entry into a club, instead of a wallet full of cash.  The venture is the first project uniting Akiva, Sartiano and Madra since their days at the legendary LIFE nightclub.

“You cannot buy your way into 1 OAK. We promise to bring glamour back to nightlife while eliminating the greedy energy that has become the nightlife standard,” says co-founder Richie Akiva. “We are returning to a time when people enjoyed going out without the pressure of spending money.”

Located at the crossroads between Chelsea and the Meatpacking District, 1 OAK is the embodiment of sophistication, solicitous service, and egalitarian spirit. Barriers between art and fashion, famous and infamous, upcoming and established have been deliberately torn down, creating a unique environment that is amicable and unpredictable. 1 OAK  is a place that embodies the passion of the avant-garde and embraces the new and the unknown.

With "The Da Vinci Code" and a mysterious kingdom as inspiration for the interior design of 1 OAK, the unique stylistic characteristics of the club were set in place to decipher a code in order to see the light, all of which was the vision by renowned designer Roy Nachum. Nachum covered the walls and ceilings of the entrance in dark brown on which gold coding is embellished, creating a typographical compulsion that influences the club space with great meaning and power.

A black marble and black glass bar, framed by rich Brazilian woods, immediately draws the eye in the main room. Banquettes and booths provide quiet corners, and ample open spaces allowing for socializing without the press of the throng at other clubs. From each and every one of the booths that surround 1 OAK , the entire club is visible, allowing guests to feel that they are always part of the action.

The highlight of the main room is four rows of stadium seating, a design concept rarely used in nightclubs. From this vantage point, patrons can watch everyone throughout the room. On both sides of the stadium seating are gold strip poles, adding to the weight and attractiveness of the overall set-up, creating a performance stage. This innovative concept came through the idea that the crowd sitting in the stadium seats would become the show themselves. The stadium seats double as a stage for lucky clientele who are treated to impromptu shows by upcoming and well-known performance artists and musicians.

Jus-Ske 1Located in a centralized area of the club, the DJ booth is elevated from the floor giving an illusion that it’s floating, while enabling the DJ to be viewed from anywhere in the club. The ceiling of this area is covered entirely in an arched wood, designed in this manner in order to indicate and provide the feeling of an ark, creating an atmosphere of new beginnings, insulation and escape from reality.

The Red Room in 1 OAK is elevated from the rest of the space by two steps. Creating a separate atmosphere, with a space in a space, the Red Room adds yet another dimension to 1 OAK.

There are two outside areas at 1 OAK. The first is a private area, attached to one of the tables, which is only accessible by those that are seated there. The second patio, which is off of the Red Room, is lined with black mirrors and a hanging disco ball, providing at eighties aesthetic and available to all 1 OAK patrons.

12 private bathroom stalls are accessed from both sides of the club. Each stall has an image of a golden gun covering the wall, indicating power and strength, a large mirror with a golden frame, and a gold vanity.

“1 OAK is a performance space for some of most talented and revolutionary artists. In keeping with the spontaneous atmosphere of the club, performances will be unannounced,” stated co-founder Scott Sartiano.

The high fidelity audio system was designed and engineered by a recently formed and highly reserved subdivision of Sound Investment called Divine Technology. Divine is dedicated to only high order applications of audiovisual technology desiring uncompromised result. The 1 OAK system had to meet certain standards that Divine required to lend their name and intellectual considerations to a venue. Such things as product quality, room acoustics and operational standards were all required for Sound Investment to endorse 1 OAK with the Divine stamp of approval. Divine chose to utilize world famed Funktion-One speakers for the main room. Funktion-One can be witnessed in Ibiza at both, Space and Privilege, Jimmy Woo’s in Amsterdam and many of the most highly regarded nightclubs around the world. Sound Investment has been awarded five times for their work by Club Systems magazine for Best Audio System of the year. Divine is a new division formed for the elite class of system and 1 OAK is the club that will be able to boast the accolades of the first ever-Divine system. The owners of 1 OAK worked with Function 1, the x of sound systems as they expect world-renowned DJs to seek out performing at 1 OAK and wanted to provide these artists with the best system possible.

Murals by acclaimed artist Roy Nachum enhances the ambiance with passion and dynamism. Images from nature are blended with surrealistic motifs, creating paintings that are intriguing, soothing, and enigmatic. Nachum also served as the architect for the project.

Revelers seeking a respite from the excitement of the main room will find a haven in the Oak Room. Lined with banquettes and punctuated by a roaring fireplace, the Oak Room is intimate and tranquil. A smoking terrace located off the Oak Room provides a convenient escape for those who choose to indulge.


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