Doc Howard's Lounge

Doc Howar'ds LoungeName of Club: Doc Howard's Lounge
Location: Wichita, Kan.
Ownership/Parent Company: The Two Brothers Group, LLC
Square Footage: 30,000
Capacity/Seats: 1,428
Open Date: Dec. 11, 2009

Doc Howard’s Lounge is the Midwest’s premier nightclub destination. As one would guess, with Doc Howard’s massive facility, not only is Doc Howard’s the biggest nightclub in the state of Kansas, Doc Howard’s also offers more than just dancing and drinks for the 4,000-plus party goers that pass through its doors on a weekly weekend basis. Doc Howard’s is a complete entertainment destination, no matter what guests wish to do for a night out downtown.

Doc Howard’s has three full-service bars. Anywhere from 10 to 12 bartenders serve up drinks to thirsty crowds every weekend, and a highly trained, handpicked staff of servers offer everything from regular cocktail service to VIP private service for guests that want a little special attention. Doc Howard’s also offers an exclusive VIP Concierge Bottle Service for guests that want to make their nights even more exclusive, and private but still want to be in the middle of all the action. For a certain select clientele, Doc Howard’s offers Platinum Memberships, which include such privileges as expedited entry, on-demand VIP area seating, complimentary exclusive service, as well as meet and greet opportunities with premium seating for all live concert events.

Aside from having a multi-level dance floor, over 100,000 watts of computer controlled lights and 30,000 watts of zoned sound, Doc Howard’s also offers other entertainment options for those guests that want to do more than dance and drink. Doc Howard’s offers a full menu and a wide variety of items during all open hours of operation. Doc’s kitchen serves up everything from choice steaks and fish to American standards, such as hamburgers and chicken wings, and some of the BEST pizza in Wichita. Doc Howard’s also offers several gaming areas for pool and video games, just in case anyone feels the need for a little bit different kind of distraction. Aside from great food and games, Doc’s also features a muti-level indoor/outdoor patio that is air conditioned and heated for all year round use, as well as a Hookah lounge with a wide variety of Hookah flavors for guests that would like to sit back, relax, and talk. Doc Howard’s has one full concert event per month on average on our full stage setup, complete with its own sound and specialty concert lighting. Our guests never know what is going to happen, or who may just show up to perform on any given night! Doc Howard’s has featured everyone from Uncle Kracker and Eric Church to Lloyd, Kreayshawn and Mann on our enormous 50-foot-by-23-foot stage.

Doc Howard’s is nicely appointed with polished black concrete floors, with dark wood handmade accents, and railings, and custom hand set stone work throughout. Guests are treated to comfortable booth seating, and VIP’s may choose from a variety of Italian leather seating areas for their comfort. All of our staff is encouraged to dress in a manner that best expresses their personality, as well as showing off that they are ready to have a good time. All staff is instructed in the art of creating a party atmosphere, making guests feel at home and that "no" is never an answer or an option when it comes to a customer’s request, no matter how outrageous it may appear. In order to become a staff member, all applicants must undergo a complete background checks, as well as training, but even further than the entire training process, all staff members participate in monthly meetings on the subject of guest services, instruction on new dances and updates on any new drinks that may be becoming popular elsewhere. Our staff’s look is a bit unconventional, but it works for the mission we are set out to accomplish, and that is the party starts with the staff and is contagious to the guests. Nobody should ever feel like a staff member is unapproachable from the restroom attendants to the bar staff and security personnel, everyone is trained to treat our guests in a friendly, and welcoming manner. Our staff is committed to not only providing a fun atmosphere, but they are also committed to providing a clean place for our guests to enjoy. Doc Howard’s has a full time cleaning staff that attend to the restrooms, as well as making sure that any messes on the floor are swept up, mopped up, and cleaned thoroughly as needed nightly. We feel that having a clean night club facilitates general cleanliness among our guests as well.

Doc Howard’s Lounge operates on the philosophy that it should not cost a small fortune for a night out, and it won’t cost a guest an arm and a leg to party like a rock star all night. Doc’s likes to deliver the most bangs for our guests buck. Every single night Doc’s is open, Thursday through Saturday,  we like to think that we over deliver the enjoyment of quality premium drinks in an exciting, high energy, comfortable setting by providing some of the most over the top drink specials, cover discounts, free party planning, and party favors in the industry. Most night clubs only feature drink specials on their slow nights, or on their well liquor, Doc Howard’s does the opposite. Since we never have a slow night, we like to show our appreciation by always featuring drink specials on liquors and drinks that people actually want to drink, such as our one-third-price call night on Thursdays, half-price on all drinks (even top shelf) on Fridays, and no cover for ladies all night on Saturday Ladies Night. We have found that this formula really works for Doc Howard’s, and the guests like the idea that they know when they come out for a good time that is affordable any time, not just on one certain night, and they won’t regret it later when they check their bank statements.

Since we have opened our doors, Doc Howard’s has become the standard that leads the industry in this market with regards to presentation, security, and cooperation with local and state regulatory agencies. We hold quarterly meetings with the state division of ABC, and local law enforcement, and our parent company, The Two Brothers Group, LLC has been recognized several times by these agencies as safe servers, and they have also recognized us for our commitment to improving the entire industry on a local and state level. We believe our success is because of our out-of-the-box strategy, and has been reflected in kind by our sales in our first full calendar year of business in 2010 in excess of $1.3 million. Far from being a flash in the pan, we have experienced an upturn in business for the 2011 calendar year, even in these scary economic times, Doc Howard’s is on its way to exceeding our projected 2011 calendar year earnings of $1.5 million.

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