Dos Equis Hosts Cinco De Mayo Feast of the Brave

Dos Equis, a premium Mexican beer, is bringing its daring culinary Cinco de Mayo "Feast of the Brave" taco trucks to six U.S. cities. From April 25 through May 5, the bold can visit Dos Equis-branded food trucks to taste some unique and original tacos and delicacies.

“The Dos Equis consumer is always looking for experiences that are a bit more unconventional and interesting,” says Paul Smailes, Dos Equis senior brand director. “To mark this year’s special 150th anniversary of Cinco de Mayo, we wanted to partner with some great local chefs and provide consumers the opportunity to test their taste-bud boundaries and have a memorable Cinco de Mayo experience.”

In Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and Miami, local chefs will be crafting and serving free original tacos specific to each city with ingredients not usually found in typical soft or crunchy-shelled tacos. From pig ear, chicken gizzard and iguana to alligator, crickets and hog stomach, each taco comes with “bravery points,” pitting the cities in a contest for bravest palette.

Dos Equis partnered with the following taco trucks and chefs in each city to create Feast of the Brave taco concoctions: Austin’s Andrew Brooks and One Taco Austin, Chicago’s Taquero Fusion with Salvador Alcazar and Evelyn Arroyo, Dallas’ James Quinonez and Rock And Roll Tacos, Houston’s H-Town Streats with Jason Hill and Matt Opaleski, Los Angeles’ Lawrence Lie and Dominic Lau’s Don Chow Tacos and Miami’s Jefe’s Original with Jack Garabedian.

The lively Feast of the Brave tab on the Dos Equis Facebook page shares the local map, schedule for the taco truck stops and menu for each city, an updated leader board of “bravery points” and photos from the events. Fans also can invite friends to dine with them through a customizable invitation. Follow the Feast on Twitter with Dos Equis’ handle @StayThirsty and hash tag #DosEquisFeast.

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