Downtown Seattle: Nightclub Security Trained how to Diffuse Dangerous Situations

From Downtown Seattle:

Recent police stats show violence is down in some of Seattle's nightclub neighborhoods. But past shootings, stabbings, and fights continue to give some clubs a bad rap.

In an attempt to move away from the old ‘bouncer’ stereotype, dozens of club security teams spent a few hours in the classroom learning how to prevent problems before they happen.

Michael Milam, a security team boss, says every time he goes to work he is the one who gets threatened.

"They want to kill me, they want to stab me, they want to shoot me," he said.

So, what's he doing to provoke this?

"I'm just standing there, telling them they can't come back in because they're too intoxicated, they can't come back in because they fought inside."

Milam and his security team are the ones standing in front of the doors of local clubs trying to prevent fights from happening.

On Sunday, a roomful of mostly muscle-bound men learned how to protect club goers and themselves.


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