Eats with Drinks

Today’s consumer enjoys ordering food along with their adult beverages – good news for building your bottom line and your ability to serve responsibly, two especially important priorities during the upcoming holiday season.

Slightly more than three-quarters (77%) of consumers surveyed for our soon-to-be-released BarTAB report indicated that consumers ordered food with their most recent adult beverage purchase. Of these consumers, three out of four (77%) ordered an entrée, two out of five (40%) ordered an appetizer or snack and more than a tenth (13%) ordered a dessert. Women are more likely to order entrees with their adult beverages.

Food Ordered with Adult Beverages

Base: 1,500 consumers aged 21+ and 1,156 consumers who ordered food on this most recent away from home adult beverage occasion
Source: Technomic Inc., 2012 BarTAB Report

When asked what drinks they were likely to pair with different food items, consumers responded that domestic light beer would be their go-to brew when eating bar foods/appetizers or pizza, followed by domestic regular beer and imports. Cocktails involving vodka floated to the top for spirits-based drinks to pair with bar foods/appetizers, followed by rum cocktails. Consumers are apt to choose wine over beer as the adult beverage of choice to enjoy with their entrees, with Merlot leading the pack for pasta and steak entrees. When offered spirits options, vodka cocktails rated tops for each entrée category (pasta, steak, chicken, seafood). 

This indicates consumers are interested in foods that will complement their drink choices and are likely open to pairing suggestions on both drink and food menus, or through special promotions. In addition, it showcases an opportunity to increase food sales at the bar or with desserts, prime places to build check averages and guest satisfaction.


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