Expectations of Connected Customers

Just because you’ve set up shop on a few social media networks doesn’t mean you’re doing everything right. There are many social media best practices that you can utilize to connect with existing or reach out to new fans.

Engage in these best practices and your social media platforms will make better connections with what your customer expects:

  1. Content marketing strategy: One of the most important things to ask yourself is, “What is my content marketing strategy?” I make sure to specifically ask this of all my clients. When you outline your overall strategy, you will see that many practices will be similar, if not the same, for multiple social media platforms. However, steer clear of using homogenous content, as that can get boring for your followers. Switch it up a bit depending on a social media site’s purpose.
  1. Eye-catching graphics & visual appeal: Let’s face it: the internet has become a very visually focused place. From the many burgeoning photo- and video-sharing applications – like YouTube, Vine, Instagram, Pinterest – people have learned to be very visually focused as well.  How do your images compare?
  1. Be consistent: The cardinal rule of social media is to always be consistent and relevant! Posting frequently and interacting with your followers will help you gain followers. People like brands that are personable and not overly corporate, so give your posts, photos, promotions and videos some personality.
  1. Understanding your brand: Avoid hiring social media reps who don’t understand your brand or message. While recent college grads have grown up in a social media world, and may have more instinct and intuition in the area, they aren’t always the right fit. If in doubt, specifically tell them how to digitally convey your brand.
  1. Remember your audience: Pay attention to your audience – i.e. what they’re liking, reblogging, retweeting, repinning, etc. – and make similar posts. Staying in tune with your audience’s likes and dislikes will also help you to engage and build a stronger connection with them.
  1. Keep tabs on your competition: Restaurants and bars often make the mistake of not paying attention to their key competitors. If you’re running a sports bar, then pay attention to Dave & Buster’s Facebook page; if you are a fast food, then check out Taco Bell’s Interest page; if you own a coffeehouse, then take a look at Starbuck’s YouTube account. Though corporate, these companies do an excellent job of providing relevant content and engaging with fans.

Oftentimes, larger businesses have more resources, therefore finding it easier to stay on top of their social media game. If you’re a small business then don’t let this discourage you. In order for your business to grow and stay competitive, implement a social media marketing plan, keep your content relevant and offer value. 

Your connected customers expect it!


Developing your mobile business is a must have these days!
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Source: 7 Things You’re Doing Wrong on Pinterest

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