Extinct or Evolving?

We all know that millions of years ago dinosaurs roamed the earth. And we also know the origins of some animals and reptiles that exist today can be directly traced to those dinosaurs. Those that did not evolve and adapt died. This is a powerful lesson for those of us in business today.
I recently attended a conference for people like me who organize trade shows and conferences. Each time I attend these events, I am energized, enthused and armed with a multitude of new ideas that will improve our events and enhance my professional and personal life; this year was no different.

Sessions on topics including improving customer ROI, customer retention, technology trends and motivating staff were both innovative and thought provoking. However, an expert on generational marketing and communications, workforce diversity and leadership delivered the best session. He walked us through the various characteristics that define the five generations living today — G.I.s, Silents, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials — and how events that took place during those generations’ respective formative years shaped how they evolved as individuals and as a generation.

This session really resonated as I contemplate the various ways in which the trade show industry in general and the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show in particular is changing and adapting the way we communicate with and educate a diverse, multigenerational group of operators and suppliers.

Changes brought about by technology, the economy, politics, customer expectations and more are happening at a rapid pace in the bar, nightclub and restaurant industry. Education is the key to adapting to these changes. The mission of the Nightclub & Bar Show conference program is to provide you with the tools to change and adjust to the shifts the industry is experiencing in order to remain relevant, vibrant and most of all, profitable.

The 2011 NCB Conference program is really shaping up and will be finalized within the month. Our sessions include a mix of new programs in seven relevant tracks:
• Marketing & Promotions
• Mixology
• Operations & Management
• Beer & Wine
• Food
• Customer Experience
• Liability

Within each track, we offer a number of topics that are popular year after year, but there also will be new sessions focusing on ways to capitalize on important new shifts and opportunities for the industry:
Food – Learn how to turn up the heat on this important revenue stream for your bar or restaurant.
Social marketing – A great opportunity for any establishment! Discover how to develop an actionable social media program.
Trends – Beer, nightclub, food, technology, drinks…Uncover ways to tap into these trends to bring traffic to your establishment and increase profits.

For more information about the program, visit www.ncbshow.com.

We’re really proud of the way the program is coming together and the caliber of presenters we’re putting on the roster, and we look forward to sharing the program with you. Our commitment is to deliver a program that is current, relevant and actionable so we can send you back to your establishments refreshed and armed with ways to grow your businesses.
Learning is the best way to adapt and evolve. Extinction is not an option! NCB


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