Extremes Sports Bar

Terry Bryant left landscaping in 2003 to buy a failing bar in Orange, CA.  He reopened the bar as Extremes Sports Bar.  At first the bar was a success, bringing in $12,000 a month, with its main attraction being the scantily clothed bartenders. However, over the years the bar began to nose dive when owner, Terry Bryant, decided that it was more important to be the big man on campus and buy customers shots than put money into the repairs that were needed. 

Over time these minor repairs became big issues, leaving gaping holes in the walls and floor; holes that are breeding grounds for mold, mildew and rats. Let’s also not forget to mention that this is the root cause of the god awful smell that permeates the premises, driving guests out the door. Jon Taffer even stated that this was by far the worst smelling bar that he has ever encountered.

In addition, to the smell and physical damages, the two experts Taffer brings in to help have their work cut out for them.  Chef Aaron McCargo is up first. Faced with a disorganized chef and a disgusting kitchen, Aaron gets to work on a menu that hosts simple comfort foods that are easy to execute. Up next is Master Mixologist Joseph Brooke, who is faced with a staff that is every woman for themselves. With constant fighting over who gets what customer and the inconsistent pouring Joseph works on getting the girls to work together. The staff needs to be a team in order to create an environment where they can communicate and execute at a higher level on a more consistent basis. 

In the end, Taffer and his team not only whip the staff into shape but create a concept that stays true to the sports bar theme with a sexy play on words. Second Base Bar and Grill has been launched with a new fryer, range and flattop in the kitchen and new tap system, glassware and refrigeration/kegerator systems at the bar. Now it’s up to Terry and manager Gary to keep the place running smooth.

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