Facebook With a Twist

Maria MirandaMaria Miranda, creative director and principal at Miranda Creative in Connecticut, used her “Facebook With a Twist” workshop at the 2011 Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show to detail the benefits to your business of having an effective Facebook fan page. Without one, she said, you're missing out on a crucial market, and one that can help your grow your revenues from promotions and events.

Miranda reminded the audience that Facebook’s power is pervasive, and with 48% of users being in the target demographic of 18-34 year olds, your bar and club needs to use social media to help build a stronger and more loyal customer base. Without a well-maintained Facebook page, then you’re business isn’t reaching its full potential, she warned.

“Facebook is performance, a personality, a greeting and above all a self-correcting media," Miranda told the crowd. During her workshop, she demonstrated how even a novice can make a Facebook page that would ultimately drive traffic to a bar or nightclub.

Here are some quick tips from Miranda on how to make Facebook work for you in order to run better promotions and events and, ultimately, a better busines:

  • Make sure you have a smartphone; this makes it easier to upload pictures and statuses without the hassle of finding a computer.
  • Your fans come to Facebook for coupons and promotions, so have that available to them. You should be rewarding them for their loyalty to you.
  • Facebook’s advertising function is a smart way to reach your demographic and gain new fans.
  • On your own bar or club’s website, use the widget that allows you to “Like” a page directly from your website. Guests seeking you can become a fan without having to navigate the Internet.
  • Encourage your loyal fans to use the “Share” function. Stories about your business will show up on your fans' newsfeeds, making sure more people will see what you’re doing and become fans.
  • Consider your goal with Facebook. Miranda said it’s important to sit down and figure out what you want from your Facebook page. “Who’s your audience? What interests them? What is your plan to recruit more fans?”
  • Take one hour per day to work on your Facebook page. You should not only respond to guest questions and comments but also monitor your competitions’ pages as well.
  • Don’t saturate people’s newsfeeds with updates from your business. And remember to keep status updates no more than three lines of text.
  • Miranda reminded that group pages no longer give you all the capabilities you need to maintain a successful Facebook page. Instead, create your fan page, and use it to all its potential.
  • Increase the amount of content you have on the information section. Your fans will like to use URL shortcuts to menus, events, promotions, etc. You’ll see your click through rates increase exponentially.
  • Integrate your YouTube channel on your Facebook page. You’ll have to upgrade your page for a one-time fee of $3.99 to do this, but it's worth it as people love watching videos as much as they like seeing pictures of themselves on your page.

Facebook is growing and certainly not going anywhere. By understanding the nuances of Facebook fan pages, you create something that benefits your business on all fronts. Remember: if you want your business to continue being a success, then you need to corner all aspects of social media, and your Facebook page is an easy and inexpensive way to grow your customer base and your business.

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