Facebookas Mobile App Improves Audience Reach

Facebook is known to constantly reinvent its layout, its most recent variation the most extreme. New website elements mean that users, especially social media marketers and B2C businesses, need to learn new best practices in order to successfully reach their targeted audience.

Facebook has enhanced its mobile app to give the viewer a better experience. Facebook’s remodeled mobile app:

  • Embraces a plainer aesthetic;
  • Emphasizes location and photos;
  • Makes it easier for users to connect with Facebook Pages;
  • Places your Page’s pinned posts at the top; and
  • Lets Page owners view their pages in public or admin views.

So what does this mean for social media marketers?

  1. If you’re running a B2C Page, such as a restaurant or bar, and your Facebook Page isn’t full of videos and photos, now’s your chance to step up your game. The new Facebook format heavily depends on visual content by making pictures bigger and more prominent on the News Feed – what Facebook calls a “…visual, rich and engaging” user experience. This can be a plus for restaurants and bars, since people have an undying love for photos of food and cocktails. Remember to keep the text to a minimum, or forgo it entirely, and push those images.
  1. The way Page Likes appear on the News Feed has changed, again with an emphasis on visual content. Now when a user likes a Page that Page Like will show with the Page’s profile picture and cover photo. You should be consistent with updating your Page, especially your profile and cover photos – if you make an effort to constantly update your visual content, then your Page is more likely to be shared more often.
  1. Connecting with your Fans has never been more important. Facebook users can now choose what appears on their News Feed, and can completely opt out of viewing anything shared by your business. You must continue to generate exciting content that makes users and Fans visit your Page. Engage your viewer by posting photos of your company’s promotions, rewards programs, coupons and contests.
  1. In addition to a new emphasis on photos, Facebook also emphasizes location check-ins, and not just with text. Now when a user checks in to a business, a map and description of the business appear on the News Feed. Users will begin to see more of the restaurants and bars that their friends visit.

Facebook has finally discovered the importance of visual content, and this discovery has entirely affected the way the company has remodeled its mobile app. Facebook continues to evolve and as it does, social media marketers must make it part of their job to keep up. Know the best methods to engage and connect with your Fans and soon-to-be-Fans is key!


Source: What Facebook’s New Layout means for Social Media Marketers
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