FIGLIO 2.0: Parasole gives Kaskaid Hospitality the Go-ahead to Open a Figlio of its Own

Figlio will live again as a Kaskaid Hospitality property, taking over the space formerly occupied by Sopranos Italian Kitchen in St. Louis Park’s West End development.

The licensing arrangement between Patasole Restaurant Holdings and Kaskaid Hospitality was signed on July 11, 2012 and the new Figlio is expected to open in September, 2012.

“Closing Figlio was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made,” says its creator, PARASOLE founder Phil Roberts. “Knowing that it will live again is tremendously gratifying, and I couldn’t be more pleased that Uptown’s iconic restaurant will be in the capable hands of  Kaskaid Hospitality’s owner and CEO, Kam Talebi, a man I admire and whose organization I respect.”

While the details of the licensing arrangement remain confidential, Roberts and Talebi confirm that Kaskaid Hospitality will be granted the rights to the FIGLIO name, graphic identity, menu items, and other brand assets. The agreement also grants Kaskaid Hospitality the option to open additional FIGLIO restaurants in other parts of the United States.

“FIGLIO 2.0 isn’t just mutually beneficial for PARASOLE and Kaskaid Hospitality, it’s great news for Twin Cities diners,” says Roberts.  “The deal’s a win-win all the way around.”

Local Legend, With a National Reputation

Few restaurants define a place – or an era – like FIGLIO. More than Uptown’s anchor, it was a milestone restaurant for Minnesota.

-  FIGLIO gave the state its first wood-fired pizza oven.

-  It introduced Twin Citians to then exotic fare including fried calamari, homemade ravioli, and personal-sized pizzas.

-  Generations of chefs – including PARASOLE’s own Tim McKee – cut their teeth in its kitchen.

Metropolitan Home magazine promptly named FIGLIO one of the “Top 10 Bistros in America” (along with Wolfgang Puck’s Spago).

An Icon Lives On

“FIGLIO had a storied history, but I’m really excited about its future,” says Kaskaid Hospitality’s Talebi. “It was a pioneer in Uptown, and its energy, attitude and powerfully appealing Italian fare will lead the way in the West End.”

Roberts wasn’t surprised when Talebi first ventured the idea of licensing the FIGLIO name. “On occasion we considered opening a restaurant in the West End, and when I asked myself what I thought would work there, the answer was always, ‘Something like FIGLIO.’”

“Kam took it one step further and actually proposed FIGLIO for the site,” continues Roberts. “I think it’s a brilliant idea, with the potential to eclipse even what we achieved on the first go-around.”


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