Finding Your Inner Superhero

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How to Fly in Your Business (and Leap Tall Bars in a Single Bound)

Whether you own your own business or work in a bar or club (or spirits business), you have those moments of self-doubt and confusion. What should your next career or entrepreneurial step be? How do you keep yourself motivated during slow or difficult times? When a competitor starts kicking your butt and drawing customers away, how do you stay strong and win the battle?

Superhero movies are popular for a reason! Individuals love to watch good triumph over evil and see everyday people transform themselves into amazing characters.

We can all do that too. Perhaps you may not be able to save the earth from mass destruction or stop a speeding train with your pinky, but each of us has powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men (and women).

Low self-esteem can have a direct impact on work performance, according to Forbes. It also stops you from taking necessary risks and can result in confusion and inertia among your team members, especially if you’re in a leadership role. Here are some of the other negative impacts of insecurity on work performance.

These seven key steps will help you find that metaphorical cape, boost your inner strength and take your business to the next level:

1. Ask yourself this one question: What skills do I have that many of my peers do not? If you’re not sure, ask a small group of trusted friends and advisors. Think about some real superhero qualities. Do you have x-ray vision (i.e., the ability to assess people quickly)? Can you fly (i.e., overcome seemingly impossible challenges)? Are you able to speed through difficult problems without tripping? This is a fun exercise to do with your team members.

2. Think about your Kryptonite. Do any particular people or situations cause you to feel weak or powerless? How can you avoid them? If you can’t, consider how you might prepare yourself before facing them.

3. Decorate your Fortress. Every great superhero has a terrific place to hang his cape and park his awesome vehicle. These venues are usually filled with the latest technology to streamline communications and planning. What toys and tools do you need to work more efficiently? Whether you are upgrading your payment systems or simply teaching yourself more about e-marketing, the right gadgets can make you even more super and powerful.

4. Build Your Own Justice League. If you’ve done the first exercise with your co-workers, you can easily figure out how each of your superpowers complements the other members’ skills and abilities. It will be empowering for all of you.

5. Create a “mission” for yourself. Whether it’s learning how to utilize social media to generate more traffic, streamlining your operations to be more cost-effective, or simply training the next generation of superheroes, having a goal will keep you focused and positive.

6. What does your future hold? Every Batman has a Robin. Are you teaching and trusting your employees to assume some of your responsibilities? Has a new competitive threat emerged that you will have to deal with soon? Every business owner these days needs the power of foresight in order to prosper and win the battle for consumers’ hearts and minds.

7. What is your theme song and your power stance? This one sounds corny, but think about every comic book and superhero movie you’ve ever seen. Whether you pose with your hands on your hips or lift your arms to the sky, standing tall and upright will give you a sense of power. (We suggest doing this in the privacy of your home in the morning, in the bathroom stall, or other invisible location.) Pick a tune that energizes and cheers you. When you’re in a difficult situation (like encountering Kryptonite), simply hum that song to yourself and imagine yourself in your strength stance. Power poses are proven to change your body chemistry and lower your stress level. Music with a heavy bass track has a positive impact on your energy and makes you feel more powerful, according to studies

As for the leaping of the bar, you probably shouldn’t attempt that. But if you follow these seven steps, you’ll start each day ready to fight evil and make your business a super place!

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