Flavored Vodka, Prosecco and a Countertop Food Warmer

Chambord Flavored Vodka

Chambord Flavored Vodka

Chambord Liqueur introduces its first line extension outside of liqueurs: Chambord Flavored Vodka a balance of premium French vodka and Chambord’s natural black raspberry flavor. The liqueur has hints of hibiscus aromas and notes of vanilla and white chocolate with a smooth finish. The new entry comes in the updated packaging from Chambord — still in the orb-shaped bottle but with a redesigned neck and cap and clearer, lighter-weight glass. Chambord Flavored Vodka is now available in 13 U.S. markets. www.chambordonline.com.

Martini & Rossi Prosecco

Martini & Rossi Prosecco

Martini Prosecco debuts its new packaging, which includes a new label design and a screw-cap bottle closure. Additionally, Martini Prosecco also is part of the new DOC classification of Prosecco — the name no longer stands for a varietal but instead a production area made up of nine provinces and two regions; only producers within these designated areas can call their wines Prosecco. Martini Prosecco’s frizzanate style with softer and less forward bubbles is good for sipping or served along with cured meets, cheese, fish and fruit. www.martini.com.

Glenray Countertop Food Warmer

Glenray Warmer

Tomlinson Industry’s Glenray Countertop Food Warmer is lightweight, durable and easy to transport. The stainless steel unit features fully insulated sides and bottom to maintain temperature as well as infinite temperature control and a 20-quart capacity. The food warmer, which is NSF and UL listed, is compatible with standard steam table pans and weights 14 pounds. www.tomlinsonind.com.

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