Follett Announces New Horizon 1800 Series Icemaker

Easton, PA, USA -- Follett has introduced a new series of Chewblet ice icemakers to complement their existing Horizon icemaker line of 1000 and 1400 series icemakers. Designed to produce up to 1580 pounds of ice in a 24 hour period, the Horizon 1800 series icemakers will support high volume foodservice applications. These new units are available in remote air-cooled condensing unit configurations.

The Horizon 1800

The Horizon 1800 series icemakers feature Follett's exclusive Chewblet ice. In an independent consumer study conducted by Roper ASW, customers preferred Chewblet ice up to 90% over cube ice, and up to 30% will buy more fountain drinks when they have Chewblet ice. Many will actually go out of their way to buy Chewblet ice.

Follett also features patented Satellite-fill technology. This exclusive ice-through-a-tube method of ice transport allows operators to fill their ice storage receptacles such as ice and beverage dispensers automatically without placing an icemaker on top of it. Not only can operators clean the dispenser hopper easily without having to remove the icemaker, but they can place the icemaker in a back room or under a counter so that the noise, heat, and bulk of an icemaker don't detract from the customer experience. And the icemaker can be serviced without shutting down the drink station.

And Horizon is a green choice! Because ice is made in a continuous process, water doesn't have to be dumped each harvest cycle. As a result, the environmentally friendly Horizon icemaker uses 35% less water than typical cubers of the same capacity.

Founded in 1948, Follett Corporation is a leading manufacturer of ice-related equipment, including icemakers, ice storage and transport equipment, ice and beverage and ice and water dispensing equipment for foodservice and healthcare markets worldwide.

For more information, contact Follett Corporation at 610-252-7301, or visit


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