Follett Introduces a New High Capacity Ice Dispenser for High-Volume Drink Stations

Easton, PA, USA -- Follett Corporation has unveiled its newest ice dispenser, the ID650. The ID650 is a high-capacity ice dispenser tailored toward dispensing ice into beverage cups for high-volume beverage stations. Its ability to store up to 650 lbs (295kg) of customer-preferred Chewblet ice helps prevent ice shortages even during peak ice demand periods. With ice shortages eliminated, operators no longer lose profits on customers who would otherwise by-pass drink purchases when no ice is available.

Follett Ice Dispenser

The ID650 is equipped with an automatic agitation system to prevent ice from forming bridges and to keep ice loose and free flowing. A heavy-duty lever dispenses the ice, and a blue indicator light shines on the cup during dispense mode to indicate that power is on.

In addition to providing a constant supply of ice, the ID650 is easy to clean and maintain. No disassembly is required for daily cleaning, and components are easy to remove for periodic deep cleaning. Routine maintenance is easy with convenient front and side service access.

The design of the ID650 requires only 3' (0.9m) of linear wall space and can be installed under an 8' (2.4m) ceiling of soffit. The dispense height is conveniently located at 43" (1092mm).

The ID650 is compatible with Follett Horizon Chewblet ice icemakers. The icemaker can be located on top of the ID650 dispenser or installed up to 75' (23m) away using Follett's patented Satellite-fill™ technology to automatically fill the dispenser.

Founded in 1948, Follett Corporation is a leading manufacturer of ice-related equipment, including icemakers, ice storage and transport equipment, ice and beverage and ice and water dispensing equipment for foodservice and healthcare markets worldwide.

For more information, contact Follett Corporation at +1 610-252-7301, or see how it works at


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