Follett Releases New Ice and Water Dispensers

Easton, PA - Follett Corporation announces the release of the new 7 Series ice and water dispensers. These dispensers, available in countertop or freestanding models, have 7 pounds of ice storage and can produce up to 125 pounds of chewable Chewblet® ice per day, ideal for a 25-30 person work group.

Follett Ice and Water dispenser

"Our market research indicated that many customers wanted an icemaker that could fit on a counter underneath a wall-mount cabinet, be attractive enough to match their coffee brewers and other kitchen equipment, and not require a drain," according to CEO Steve Follett. "The 7 Series accomplishes all this plus provides hands-free dispensing of ice and Agion antimicrobial protection for a more sanitary experience than traditional manual-scoop icemakers found in many break rooms and pantries."

The new 7 Series features Follett's proprietary Chewblet ice, a chewable nugget that consumers prefer by over 2:1 compared to cube-type ice.

"We're excited about this great addition to our Chewblet ice family of products," says Follett. Follett Corporation has been manufacturing ice and water dispensers featuring chewable ice since the early 1970s and has been manufacturing icemakers that produce chewable ice for almost 35 years following its acquisition of the rights to the Borg-Warner/York patent for nugget ice technology in 1977.

With its highly efficient refrigeration and water systems, the 7 Series meets the stringent CEE Tier 2 standards for energy efficiency, offering up to a 50% reduction in energy costs and up to a 75% reduction in water consumption compared to undercounter icemakers found in offices today.

For more information, contact Follett Corporation at 800-523-9361 or [email protected]. Information on Follett's complete product line is available at


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