Four Tips on Operating for Profit

Is there such a thing as easy money? Yes! This week’s group of ideas, taken from the standing-room-only 50 Money-Making Ideas session presented at the recent Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show by author and beverage management consultant Robert Plotkin of BarMedia and Nightclub & Bar Publisher and Editorial Director Donna Hood Crecca, guides you on quick steps toward better operations. Read on for cost-saving, money-making ideas you can implement at your place today.

Operations — The Devil is in the Details

Measured Pours – Low Tech, High ROI
Yes, free pouring looks cool, but measured pours deliver cold, hard cash. Using jiggers prevents over- and under-pouring, resulting in better cost controls. Now, some bartenders will complain that it’s too slow and makes the guest think the house is being cheap by watching every drop. But through training and practice, the necessary speed will come, and every guest ultimately appreciates a balanced, well-made cocktail. The ROI comes in less waste and happier guests.

If You’re Going to Serve Draft Beers, Do it Right
Draft is only profitable if you’re paying attention to it. Make sure kegs and lines are at the right temperature – about 38 degrees. Maintain your draft lines, which means scheduling regular cleanings, and brush clean taps. Use beer clean glasses; make sure they’re not hot right out of the dishwasher! Finally, pour properly. Don’t open the tap until the glass is in position — at a 30 degree angle — and allow an inch of foam. Serve with a smile and watch your profits grow!

State Your Case With Vendors – Make Them Work For You
Ask for what you NEED to be successful! You want mixed cases of flavored vodkas? Ask for it (who needs an entire case of coconut vodka?)! You want split cases? Ask. You need to teach your staff about bourbon versus Scotch versus Irish – ask if vendors will provide a speaker. No one knows your business like you do, and your vendors aren’t mind readers. Speak up and see what they can provide; they may surprise you. Leverage that relationship and you’ll both be successful!

Watch For Sticky Fingers – Improve Profits by Eliminating Shrinkage
The thieves among us are creative – beat them at their own game by monitoring everything. Create variance reports, monitor bartender productivity and account for every transaction and every drop poured. Most of all let them know you’re watching. You’ll see improvements in profits right away.

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