Friar Tucks Sports Bar & Pub Gets Taffered - In German


Friar Tucks Sports Bar & Pub is a castle bar in Pomona, California. In 1996, Ivan Vuich, impressed the owner of Friar Tucks’ bar, won the heart of the owner’s niece, and was immediately given the keys to the castle. Friar Tucks had been one of Pomona’s most successful bars since the 80’s and Ivan’s first few years were busy and profitable earning $60,000 a month.

However, the customers were not the only ones who enjoyed the party and as Ivan attempted to manage his out of control staff; his temper reached a boiling point. To help relieve some of Ivan’s stress, Sami was brought in to assist as manager. Instead of turning Friar Tucks around, Ivan and Sami clashed at every turn. Their hostility towards one another trickled down to the staff. Now it’s owner against manager, bartender against bartender and the toxic relationships are threatening to tear down the castle walls for good. Friar Tucks is now losing $4,000 a month.

Friar Tucks Spots Bar & Pub


Friar Tucks does not look like a bar at all; it looks like a children’s mini golf facility. 32,000 cars drive by Friar Tucks every day and this bar is not pulling in any of them.

There are various pour spouts with a variety of sizes, which makes it nearly impossible to pour accurately. The bar is also lacking essential products such as vermouth and premium spirits.

Ivan is the cook at Friar Tucks, and while he is not half bad, he cannot run the bar from the back of house. His skills do, however, need to be improved upon; he cannot properly cook a burger and when menu items get sent back, his temper explodes.

 Ivan is very condescending to his staff; his attitude is contagious and it affects everyone that steps foot inside the bar. Ivan does not take responsibility for his own actions. Employees at Friar Tucks have not been paid in months, some in years.

The drinking and fighting at Friar Tucks is detrimental to business. For Ivan to be a good owner, he must be a motivator and a good influence.


Taffer brings in master mixologist Jason Bran to help behind the bar. Bran gets started first by replacing all of the pour spouts with one that will pour a quarter ounce a second to increase pour accuracy. He also teaches the bartenders the art and importance of classic cocktails along with the techniques used to create them. However, Bran notices that one of the most important things that the bartenders need to work on is their teamwork.  Therefore, he has them practice a team building exercise in order to bring them together and demonstrate how important and more effective their work will become through teamwork.

Chef Aaron McCargo was brought in to help Ivan in the kitchen. In addition to teaching Ivan how to properly cook a seasoned burger, McCargo dives into to helping Ivan elevate his skills in the kitchen to impress customers and keep meals from being sent back.

Taffer quickly realizes that Ivan is in his element in the kitchen with his new found skills provided by McCargo. Ivan actually showed an impressive change in attitude. Ivan realizes he has to take a step back and keep his temper in check in order to dig himself out of the whole he’s created. After the stress test, the staff understands that they should start working towards the common goals together.

With the staff finally on the same page it’s time for Taffer and his team to completely revamp Friar Tucks. People are willing to pay 60% more at a well-planned themed bar. Taffer decides that a German theme that will accentuate the castle structure without creating an uncomfortable children’s vibe. The food menu was altered to sausages and German dishes and cocktails were created with apple flavors and premium ingredients. Bran explained that topping certain drinks with ginger ale will really bring out the aroma of flavors.

Stein Haus

Most of what people perceive as taste actually results from their sense of smell. People first smell the aroma of the product which provides an anticipation of the flavor they are about to taste. Then, as foods and beverages enter the mouth, they release vapors that travel up through the retro nasal canal to the olfactory valve where they are translated to flavor through the brain.

Taffer transformed Friar Tucks Sports Bar & Pub into an authentic, German bar that people would not be embarrassed to be seen. Taffer lined the back bar with stone walls, stein in German means stone and in America, represents beer so there is authenticity to the brand.

Taffer provided the newly launched Stein Haus Brau & Brat with his very own app, Bar HQ which provides bar owners with simple, signature growth and management tools in order to grow their business. Ivan will be provided with promotions and different information that will help him to get himself out of debt and start making a profit.


Six weeks after the relaunch of Stein Haus Brau & Brat, total sales have gone up 15% and Ivan and Sami continue to work together in harmony. Attitudes have turned around 100% and things are running smoothly. Ivan continues to be passionate about cooking and is currently training a chef to work under him.


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